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January, 2009


Benjamin Franklin :"Show me your cemeteries, and I will tell you what kind of people you have."
Poetry Cemetery: "Show us your poetry, too." 

This issue marks the New Year, and a new editor here at Poetry Cemetery.  John Nashville, our Founder and Editor Emeritus created Poetry Cemetery to be a home for poets, both experienced and new, and "a place on the web where published work would stick around and actually have a place to be reviewed long after the issue it was posted in.  Hence, the cemetery concept.  The poetry didn't just was laid to rest."

2009 promises to be a year of great turmoil, of changes good and bad.  Great poetry has often been born from such times.  We hope to document some of that atmosphere here:  not necessarily with political or financial works, but with the spirit that infects works of imagination and observation.

Tough times also gives life to great humor--and we'll be on the lookout for poems that give us relief and a smile.

e introduce our Featured Poet segment this issue-- our Feature has an extended bio, a wider sampling of her work and an interview.  Check out our Current Issue

We have also added a Facebook Group page--feel free to leave comments and suggestions there, or to email me.


Yours in Poetry

T.R. Tifoso, Editor





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