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Kellye M. Whitmer  (email)


About the Poet:

Originally from the Northern Virginia area, Kellye currently resides in downtown Birmingham, Alabama where she creates through writing, painting, photography and music. 



new love


turning away
is my usual means of escape
but the trembling doesn't bother me here
nor do your calm, glowing eyes
which give me hope
you open me like petals,
one by one
with perfect fingers
and lips that are hungry
I feared leaning into you
until I opened my eyes in this
gentle entangling
and didn't want to look away fast
you are magnetic
and intoxicating
the music of your breath
makes my skin sway to its rhythm
and your smile is
like fresh ocean waves under the moon,
crashing softly on my feet
I want to sink into you
and rest a while.



dandelion cotton


came home alone and played my guitar
then walked about my loft, with
laundry there, dishes here
dusty floors, bills to pay;
had a smoke
and a diet coke
and put on some cozy clothes.
decided on cheesy croissants for
and mmmm
sat in the windowsill
read a love story
with a blanket over my knees
and a calmness over my soul
St. Paulís bells chiming and bellowing
sounds of ringing church bells
The City Federal red letters
more red than the red they were
in the sunlight,
now the deep blue sky
dimming the day
reminds me of collecting
dandelions in the field
at dusk
behind Summerís house
on an evening just like this
when the hue of the firmament
from blue to black
and I would blow the cotton-tipped seeds
into the wind
a handful at a time
watching them float and flutter
every which way
then another and another
a cottony cloudy mist
against the big gray yonder.