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LaQuinta Washington  (email, website)


About the Poet:

LaQuinta is the zealous poet, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her poetic influence derives from the rich cultural experiences she endured while living in the city. She has been writing for almost sixteen years and has two published books titled All The Wrong Reasons and The Intersection Between Love & Heartbreak. Loves the art of performance poetry and takes pride in joining the ranks of many talented poets and hopes to teach and bless people with her gift






He visits me, actually, several times throughout the day

Especially when I desire intriguing conversation

It’s as if he appears almost out of nowhere

Like I conjured him up with some love-sick spell


He gazes into the portals of my soul with orbs a shade of fall’s leaves just before the green escapes. His smile perpetuates my smile.

I become lost in him until life’s little familiarities abruptly cause us to part ways

Then instantly, I begin to calculate the moments until I encounter him again


He’s so wonderful; he exists on several planes

But mostly in a state of subconscious is his presence most intense

His kisses and hugs are more vivid; and his laugh is so crisp, well, it reverberates throughout my mind long after his chuckles have stopped. 

I am convinced that he was created for the sole purpose of pleasing me

But it really doesn’t matter how, when, why, or where he exists

He’s the man of my dreams—Marcel



Tattered Pages


The book lay face up on the coffee table for many months

Longing the day that someone would pick it up

The cover had long ago lost its luster

For it was constantly used as a coaster or the prop for nightly TV dinners

People came and people went

Looked momentarily, but never took the time to open it

The children came and the children played

They tossed it back and forth…tore the pages


But the book was strong; it stood the test of time

The book like all books had a purpose in life

It had meaning and a mission to enlighten minds

If only someone would just take a look inside


Then one day someone came in intrigued with the subject

And suddenly felt compelled to learn more about it

Flipped open the cover and saw the tattered pages

Chose not to judge and read it anyway

A variety of emotions soared as the person took the ride

And at the end of the journey, on their face was a smile

Pleased with the outcome, the book had to have a new place

One that was dry, cool, elevated, and safe

I guess there is still hope for books with tattered pages