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Jason Visconti  (email)


About the Poet:

Jason Visconti has been writing poetry and fiction since he was 15 years old. Now 33 years old and attending writing workshops, he still enjoys creating unique imagery in his work.  He has been published in various internet and print journals for both his poetry and short stories and has a poetry book published called: “The Death of Equal Handshakes”.



He borrows clocks by the riverbanks where you sleep
to time your dreams. He just had a wonderful dream.
He does time-and-a-half in your mind sporting
his sleek office radio. Healing you is contagious.
Mirrors buffer the mind in deep hypnosis. The gentle creature
relaxes your bones. You weep for your history, he recalls, he goes
back to his tome. History corrects itself in a third of an hour.
He takes samples from you in his laboratory wiping
away your scandals. Something in his voice screams ego and Id
but his mouth flaps artificially like a puppet.
The steady lantern he holds enters the sub-conscious like a flame.
He turns the body around erect in its seat.
His windows? Picture frames to the soul.
His heart delivers like a child's carousel.
Plush as it all is, you don't see me skimming
the dark Arctic through these frosty window blinds,
the moon a kind of faded relic, daylight's moon.
You don't see me paying courtesy to the nightly maid,
her hand caught deep in my mementos. I haven't even totally
discarded yesterday, whose fruits hide somewhere
in today's own garden. I don't know what to say.
Some say don't intervene and have a tolerant sleep. . .
let your dreams wax and wane and wake to a new poem
each morning. Others pretend the sun leaks clean new light.
What's the answer? I don't know. I prefer to turn to the ocean
when such things enter my head, fall asleep
on a mountain of sand like my bed.