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About the Poet:



My Precious Sister (1992 - 1994)


The year was 1994 and it is now 2005

Time has passed and continues to pass!

I can still see her lying in the hospital

I can still see her sweet face

Even though it was drained from the pain

And of course the tears she cried!

I can still see the drips through her nose

I can still see the anguish in her eyes

I can still see the beating of her heart as it races with sadness and regret!

I can still hear the doctors talking though I donít know what they are saying

Talk, Talk, Talk thatís all I hear

Yes, my precious sister is still fresh in my mind.


Jade, precious is what you are

You are never far away from my heart

I keep you close, ever so close

You are my precious sister and I love you!


My eyes are filled with green, showing my envy

My heart is filled with black, showing my lament

Why lament?

A state, which we should envy?

Yes because precious you were and precious you are

My precious sister!


In my heart and mind you are

Day in and day out!

I long to talk to you and

Tell you that I love you and

Tell you that you are my precious sister