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Felino Soriano  (email, website)


About the Poet:

Felino Soriano (California) is a philosophy student and case manager working with developmentally and physically disabled adults. He is the author of a chapbook "Exhibits Require Understanding Open Eyes" (Trainwreck Press, 2008) and an e-book "Among the Interrogated" (BlazeVOX [books], 2008). Two chapbooks are also forthcoming "Abstract Appearance Reaching Toward the Absolute" (Trainwreck Press, 2008) and "Feeling Through Mirages (Shadow Archer Press, 2008). The juxtaposition of his philosophical studies with his love of classic and avant-garde jazz explains his poetic stimulation. Website: www.felinosoriano.com.




Ability of Music, the Atypical 

Recorded sound
visits the listener, the mind
theirs the catalyst within 
existential erasing of
monotone clatter, the
monotonous hitherto heard
called lavish by the brethren of
jejune alive occurrences. No 
need to softly kneel into musical
circumference, for the metaphor
of diving head first never causes
injury, only awakens the senses,
massages the body into splayed 
versions of recognizable differences. 

Human atop Water

Various marbles 
glass sheltered within
softened to the touch of human approach, 
parallel dichotomy the alive with voice
atop the living with undulating vernacular.
Nothing escapes but everything wanting
to correlate with existence outside
of monotony, the bread of whispers
inside a world where screams exist
to transform natural inclinations.  

Interpretation of Openness 

Several walnuts assembled on haze colored ground
resemble missing puzzle pieces, fists
facing bodies of lost coherence. Youth
fights itself into what wind calls
gale, turning turning turning,
the ensuing dizziness of the off
course of what parental guidance
stems from, naturally. Openness of
field, wideness of airó
all within the mouth of earth's 
surviving protocol: steps toward
ascent, galloping atop the tongue
where taste and language intermingle
causing the giant body to restate 
what reiteration understands squared.  

The Given

Can things allocated become 
new? Interpretations value
their lives. Theirs 
the simple sometimes show
value over denominator of 
history. Calmed subsequent
behavioral enhancement, the
vanished within winged moments
excuses itself, calls to light shining
atop excessive absence. This parallel
gathering with sky diameter, storm approaching
the dark ledge of horizon's nearest

The Reaching Adjust

The reaching toward aspects,
desolate from their very origin,
soil dried from mouths of contaminated
twisted knuckles of gnarled roots. Heavy
wanting, wanting to evacuate from current
minds the thought patterns bare, 
barely alive, another form of reaching.
Born twice reflectional of geckos'
tails whose burgeoning recalls
newness, relaxed now exhalation 
cloud forms sensible manifestations
reveal top layered 

uncommon occurrences.