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Blair Slayton (email)



The constant beat of humanity breathing

Keeps my feet on the dried lava rock

While my eyes try to pull me to the stars


To the emptiness between the galaxies


But how much longer can the oceans

Feed me the salt to keep me

Heavier than the white clouds


Keep me needing the rain


That all the deserts dwellers would rather have

While more of the forests are felled

To feed the starving.



Last Month

When the wind dives

I jump like a startled bullfrog


And the blue sky flees

Past the gray topped mountains


While the rain flows and stops

As the hot then cold stillness


Reminds of the tornado

That came through only last month


Hurricane wide

It dug many graves.




In an instance of silence

The sky turns black from blue

And I walk among the gods

The ones that lived before

And will live in the future


Yet, the lava deep below

Swells and surges

An ocean of reddish orange

Waiting for a wind

To carry the heat


To the waiting glaciers

Absorbing the starlight

While caves fade echoes

From the passing trains

From the human screams.




When the wind wisps

I find the lake cold, still

Despite the warm air from the South

Despite the lava not too far down

And as the silence of black

Swallows the reds of sunset

I find my back porch a castle

With moat after moat

To keep the monsters

At howling distance.




Naked infinity

Slaps the universe

With the uncertainty

Of the blackness

Of a cliff

Bordering the emptiness

Left behind by starlight

Still seeking a sun.




The ghosts of eternity

Speak to me like a waterfall

Nearly dry from desert like winds


And I stumble over the tall grass

(Of a field forgotten by a farmer)

Like a doe full from days of feasting


While children stay quiet

As the clouds turn darker gray

And the scent of rain


Puts the weight of lead

On the wind foretelling

The golden lightning.