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G. David Schwartz  (email)


About the Poet:

G. David Schwartz is the former president of Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the author of A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue, and currently a volunteer at Drake Hospital in Cincinnati, Schwartz continues to write. His new book, Midrash and Working Out Of The Book is now in stores or can be ordered online here.



She Said She Was Having A Terrible Day


She said she was having a terrible say

But why that was she couldn't say

Bills pile up and electricity fails

And at whose you get put in jails

Then you run right out of food

And as that is not good

All your most favorite stores

All at once shut all their doors

And here with no mother-in-law jokes

With no bad thanking to coax

Most everyone sets out to say

This hasn't been such a bad day



Hereís A Little Nursery Rhyme


Hereís a little nursery rhyme

Which I read to my good kids  

Itís a bit of poetry

Not in a can so without the lids

Here we sing with hippos and

Muscatels who sound grand

Little porcupines are round

And do not stay in the ground



I Closed My Eyes


I closed my eyes

And landed on my head

I was so surprised

I didnít land down dead

I stubbed my toes

And hurt my nose

And falling down

I ripped my clothes

So here I am and let me say

Find my glasses and get away



I've Written So Many Poems For You


I've written so many poems for you

Put to many words up in fire

Been thinking so much for you

For you I do desire

I have kissed your portrait

When I don't see our face

And I would be very happy

To kiss you any place

I have always thought of you

And hope Iíve been thinking with you

and thought the hotel in all those rooms

For you, my love, I've written all my poems



Muddlearkie And Bull Hockie


Muddlearkie and Bull Hockie

Are two big and too sloppy

Sometime they sit and play

Like I say them playing hockey yesterday

Muddlearkie and Bull Hockie

Those are their real name

Both their moms were named Winston

Those English people shame  

At least they shamed Muddlearkie and Bull Hockie

Buy giving them such a name

That some American author

Would speak of them with shame

But Muddlearkie and Bull Hockie

They do never cry

Occasionally thought they do give a sigh

And they do not speak against America

 They think it grand and spanking

Because while they had a dozen king Edwards

We had a single Ben Franklin


I Don't Need Directions   


I don't need directions

To where I want to go

I just need a ticket

To get into the show

So while I was driving

I guess you can see what's coming

I got the rotten ticket

Feeling rather funny

So I don't need direction

And I don't need a map

I may only need some lunch

But really, who needs that



The Best Way To Protect The Future


The best way to protect the future

Is to create it yourself

And bring some Nat King Cole in

And some Beach Boys for yourself

And we canít forget Dylan

Nor Peter, Paul and Mary 

That will make a future

Nowhere near scary

And if you want some deeper things

 Letís have William Shakespeare

 And you and I on the couch

Thinking bout or kin folk 

Cept I donít want Teri there smiling

Saying I knew that would happen



Swallowed Whole
     G. David Schwartz and Jennifer Wiehe   

Swallowed whole
in your endless control
Numbed by every word
Every phrase
Your manipulations only
Grow worse with age

You have the power

Sardonic and sour

To made daises deflower

And be swallowed whole



Mr. Smith
     G. David Schwartz and Jennifer Wiehe   


Mr. Smith
The sweetest of men
Yes, surely indeed
He would never hurt
A fly nor a flea

Jovial in spirit and
so carefree and kind

He smiled and smiles

All of the time 

Mr. Smith
so intelligent and smart
he has good hair
and he dresses so sharp 
a lover on animals

As well as little children 

Everyone always want to be with him
so carefree and kind

And miles of smiles

Iím glad he is a friend of mine