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Thomas Scaglione, III  (email, MySpace)


About the Poet:

Thomas Scaglione III is a 19 year old student at Saint Leo University, Florida. He is currently double majoring in Psychology and Biology with a minor in Philosophy. He writes for the student newspaper, The Lions' Pride (www.pride-online.net), and also sells his drawings, writings, and photographs through the side business that is co-owned by his sister Brandy Scaglione.



Midnight Temptation


If that was all I ever was to you, just another common cigarette,

I hope that final puff of yours is more than an empty Surgeon General's threat.

And although you tossed me to the ground, a pile of used, lifeless ashes,

I hope I left a timely mark…a cancer…your own, personal 40 lashes.

For you were Maya's daughters reincarnated, into one lustrous temptation,

And I have failed my greatest test; I only hope there is still hope for salvation.

As I crawl back into the safety of my insecurities, I leave a mourner's trail,

As I watch each swollen tear fall to the ground that you so carelessly set aflame,

Drop by drop, the fire is extinguished, and I realize that I am the one to blame.

And years to come when I look back to my field of Calla Lilies and Mimosas,

The barren spots where my salt-filled lamentations had fallen will still be a reminder of "us,"

How I could let myself fall for your act, or perhaps I had acted too brash,

But, oh, how trivial that all seems now, compared to my new forest of saplings…of Oak, Elder, and Ash