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Joni Ramos (email)



we meet again
destined as the minutes kiss
the hour of a noon
making love at the stroke of

when there is no more to
extinguish but the flame
of fire left by your touch

as the wind trespass
to embrace the sunsets of you

I shall gaze upon the heavens
count the many constellations
twinkling in obedience to my
every wish

I shall find you

surely as the sun rises to greet
the day
as the sailing ship finds itís dock
as the last drop of rain turns into mist

I shall find you

and when my eyes can no longer see
blinded by my tears

you will see me



Herbal Romance

my corner table waits

for your arrival

thought Iíd stay for just awhile


an invitation into your soul

a calm reflection

warms my cup of tea


thatís all it took

your smile

Iím hooked

I melt, chamomile in your arms



I sip your soul into my veins

convert caffeine

inhale your scent,

infused with you, my herb


Iím Juniper yielding to your Genus

ripe with berries

you are my shrub,

a sweet concoction

lingering stain of purity

flowing madness down my

my throat,

my nerves a wave of calm


restore my balance

invite your properties

abandon my frivolity

Iím suddenly a woman

sedately intoxicated

making sense these days


iíve decided to stay

have another sip or two

a drink of

of you


my evergreen

misty eyed

with you



Lovers Diet

a glass of wine

straight from the fruit of the vine

this grape of mine

ferments your desire


wouldnít you love a quick banter

of our minds

interlocking proposition

tipsy to submit to your hunger, my thirst


forget potatoes

too heavy to digest

carbohydrates, good and bad


dip into my Artichoke

hands-on affair

as you pull each leaf

between your fingers

drag the leaf between your teeth

remember, Iím the journey

you are my destination


let us start our aperitif

the intimacy

of tropical paradise

rich with anti-carcinogenic

so good for your heart


leave our weighing scales

of the past

and start fresh like

Alfalfa sprouting new leaves


unstained by gluttonous desires

dying to touch your flamed capsicum heart

look into my famished eyes

starving for affection


as you weigh me in your mind

balance your scale

braise yourself

I'm you're Gourmet



Midnightís Madness

she whispers once again

behind the veils of time

reminders of her gentleness

confiscate my breath


elegantly precise

determined to make her presence known

she abducts the span of life

recycling births

she hugs thin air

I hear of her intent

disguised in shadows of white

as dawn collides with evening

she appears ever so discreet

inviting me to listen


harps on melodies

sweetly caress the strings

of Cupids bow


I hear  music, her voice

it flows

sweet falsetto

cords that resonate

sound of angels


pillows of softness

blue skies tender

comforting swirls of



embrace tonight

moonlit dreams


midnight madness

reflections in

her eyes

distant as the stars



Aquatic Odyssey

my luminescent flame

sparkles this emerald

aquatic ripple

crystal reflections, you and I

submerged in a Caribbean sea of love

crustaceans would envy


swim in transparent odyssey

cape cod of the stars

preserve our manta rays

greet our pygmy blue whale


pay no mind to us

strokes of envy


our marine, coral reef adventure

your tentacles

insinuate their way

holding me firmly, ever so gently


floating tides of honeymoon

nautical look in your eyes

soft and tender under the depths

of my turbulent ocean


anchored in this reef of madness,

you are my cove to paradise


my starfish, my lighthouse

incandescent as the sky


moonbeams floats on by



Secret Carnelian

her auburn skin accustomed to his embrace

a primrose in the dessert


he traipses her soil

somewhere between

purple sky

crescent dreams


garnets falling gently

veiled silver lining

the other side of her


splashes of magenta

sunbursts of citrus orange

streak across rainbow prisms

moonlit madness


crimson stained heart

pulsates across heavens gates


whispers ever so silently

her name echoes

across the miles

as it rustles the leaves

chimes against the wind

waking ethereal heavens


his secret carnelian

wild as his purple sky

forming showered quartz

reflections of love

teardrops of Citrine


puddles of roses

showers of gold