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Richard Poore (email)


About the Poet:

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Richard went to school for Architectural Engineering and Drafting and currently resides in Loveland, CO with his wife Dawn.  His poetry has been published in The Poet's Pen, Crusade, and Wide Awake.



What Friends 


Are there real friends or acquaintances! I ask myself this a lot these days

friends that are only good weather friends

they are not detectable all the time you know

them they only talk to you when you have the money

or you invite them out and you pay

You know the type be sick or in trouble and they say we are sorry!

Or there are the ones that come around if they need something?

You know them always needing something 

or they need to borrow something, but you ever need something you will never get it

they make up a lie or an excuse why you can't have it

but an hour later they be around and need something

like money or whatever is of value.

These people are users and abusers predators

if you're dead they will rob the money from your pockets

and take your last dime you have and not think about it.

They rob elderly people's money if they can and the mentally ill,

they're always there wanting something from you.

And if you have no money or need something yourself

never there for you and pissed off you don't have it!

And do not have something they need you will see they're true colors.




The World


The world is bad I think

At the rate it is going we are in trouble.

I see hell on earth on the way for us here

You think I am joking or another a nut?

Not at all I'm very sane to sane.

Just today on the news a nine year old girl

And her friend killed a little boy.

They went to court and got sent home to their mom unbelievable.

The way things are now Diddlers rape,

Torture and kill children at school with guns acting like Rambo killing teachers and other kids!

I have to wonder what the hell is going on.

That's not to mention grown adults

Picking off people with a gun at a shopping mall or

Children at a known school for kids or a church

Now what is next? Something has to happen!

Just what I am not sure of, I think it will be very big enough to wake up people, to the fact that things

Can't go on like they are no more, the rate that

Bizarre craziness keeps happening something has to give.

Well I'm driving to my work and I think to myself

Well I wonder what will give, I am riding and I hear

Radio my best friend Mark M got to the Job and went off

Shot the boss and 38 people execution style in the head

Everyone dead but me! What kind of news do you have today?



living on the Streets!


Life is not easy on the street;

well in fact it is no bills you don't have to worry about food!

Yes I never did "believe it".

I was a Drunken, Alcoholic or shit bum.

We would take turns Stemming Money that's a

nice way to say; pan handle or beg for money.

It's funny some people say I would never do that,

but when you come back with a hundred dollars and liquor,

weed and food see how fast these people same do eat and drink.

But it gets very bad I remember Sunday no alcohol,

sick so sick throwing up all day long.

It only gets worse after a while you

don't want to do nothing but drink,

if you stop you are the sickest you will ever be;

so you find ways to drink you save

some but that never works, so you drink

Nyquil, Mouthwash anything with alcohol

I even tried rubbing alcohol and almost died!

No one cares you are a shit bum scum

of the earth you stink after a while; shit all over

your pants because you have runs and

can't take a shower to sick you just drink!

All the money you make you spend on alcohol

so you start eating and eat out of the trash

or beg fast food places or steal the food.

And then you get so bad you cannot walk

so you go to the hospital with IVs all over dead or in a coma.



Being Locked up


Being locked up is hell on earth

I started running from home at 8 or 9 got locked up

for trying to kill my stepfather for beating my mom,

things got worse after I was in,

back and forth until 18 I learned nothing

but how to go back I was institutionalized!

And in much trouble had no living skills,

I keep going back trying to survive life on my own.

All screwed up in NY went to prison

for the last time almost well I made it to

Bridgewater maximum security for the

criminally insane unbelievable!

Then I started working on myself learning

how I was going to stay out it did not

happen over night very long process.

I had to relearn everything keeping a room

to live be the first; this was very hard

because I was an Alcoholic, you think it's over?



The World is changing


And it is pretty clear what it is,

people are getting more and more callous.

Children are growing up worse and worse parents

are not taking time to teach them right or at all

the sins of the fathers are handed down but worse.

I guess you can call it whatever you want to

but fact is its happen fast just watch the news!

Now I do not have to say more.

What can we do to tell you the truth nothing?

Just be careful you take care of yours.

I do what I can to help others

and taking care of my business and staying in mine!

Many are predators waiting for you,

smiling in your face and all the time

waiting watching for that moment, "best watch your friends".





Life is a mystery who knows all things'

who made us and why we hear

has anyone seen the Maker

and is there one?

Some say there is not.

Look at the Heavens they never end

or they never begin

dose it start somewhere.

What happens when we die?

And what will happen if we live!

life is a mystery who knows all things?

What will happen tomorrow

is there good and evil.

Who really can say and be honest.