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Bob Marcacci (email, website)



every day at this life
   wake with or without
   sun or something
   with or without someone
     in the quality of remaining
        at this point

   every day dulls or sharpens
our sense of what was
        what will be
       what we work into another minute
      what we write in our minds
                               our only hope
          to remember

       every day remember more or less
          remember to dress or stay in bed
             what someone said or didn't
                                   will i remember you
                as i walk along this dream
                  will it seem real
        will i feel who touched
            another moment or another
                ghost of this traveler

   every day another unraveler
     another blatherer
    with something the matter
clatter on with work and rest
        who knows best
   who goes west or east
       into or with another sun
      whose gun do i see
     which blows another day away
        who will stay or leave
  who will believe me



my body sits and rattles away uncontrolled
the code calculus of an alien
     tongue            forces my body donıt understand
   this space below the crook-necked table lamp

      i call your name in a voice
no one can hear in my head
                 this place i continue to return to
             several times over butterflies and yes
                      letıs scatter

itıs red               this valentineıs day ink
          this wash of words
        one after another blends

                                             we do this until the light
                               blue morning
                                   the end of a movie
                closes our eyes
                       to sleep
        we dream of love

                 in the bath
           words mean nothing                words mean
                               we rinse our bodies

i canıt see straight
               skee-bop skee-bo
     itıs a twisted thing
itıs just a word