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Madeline Logan  (email)


About the Poet:

Originally from the United States, Madeline is 15 years old and currently residing in Turkey where she is home-schooled.



Beauty as God's Signature


Beauty falls in a raindrop

On a petal of a lonely rose,

And with the wind it flows.

As the sun sets, when the days stop,

It dips a rainbow in a blue lake then mops

The bleeding colors who begin to doze.

As the night commences, and the moon shows

It gives the stars their twinkle; those stars at the sky’s top.

It embellishes them like jewels all the way through.

Then it wanders amidst the weeping willow trees

And it forms on each blade of grass with morning dew.

It spreads inspiration, revealing the great glories

Of the Creator of itself and life, too.

God’s signature is imprinted on earth, through beauty.


The Playful Wind


From distant lands, over vast seas,

The wind travels under clouds and over trees,

And from the past it flees.


And through the woods, over the lake,

Over the beach for the wave’s sake,

It goes on without break.


Riding the current as in a dance,

Carrying on its back, leaves in a trance,

It twirls in a circle for a last glance


At the garden it passed along with the breeze,

Touching the pumpkins and playing with bees,

It provokes the flowers to bow to their knees.


Whistling childishly while skipping through air,

Tossing the trees’ tops back and forth without a care,

It brushes its fingers through a little girl’s hair.


Rising and descending, arguing with gravity,

Stopping stillness in its surrounding completely,

It races and races rejoicing to be free.