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Lanaia Lee  (email)


About the Poet:

Lanaia Lee is a 50-year-old stroke survivor that suffered a stroke at 35 due to high blood pressure. Her disease is called erratic hypertension. Ever since the stroke, Lanaia has been in a wheelchair, but she hasn't let that stop her one bit! In Lanaia's own words, "I still rock and roll, and I mean literally roll!" Lanaia has also lost six children due to her problem with blood pressure, leaving her with no living children, except for her 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier. He is her baby and constant companion. She has been married to a wonderful husband for ten years, who is also in a wheelchair, but they live totally independently and on their own. Although according to Lanaia, "This factor does make life interesting! But we face each challenge with the help of God." Her grandmother, a self-professed black witch, raised Lanaia after her mother died when she was eight years old. Why does Lanaia write such dark poetry? In Lanaia's words, "I guess being raised with the occult and supernatural explains why I have such a knack for dark poetry. Writing is one of the few things I can do that relaxes me. I will probably write for as long as I live because this is something that I really love to do. God gave me this literary gift, so why not use ?"



I Am


Anyone familiar with my writing knows I usually write of the darkness so what could be darker than have your way of life snatched away, in saying this I pay homage to the Native American

I awaken in the dark to the sound of a coyote as it howls
As I look at the stars from the cold ground, I see the brilliance of a full moon
The dogs within my village, I hear them as they bark and growl
With the sun rising, I hear the morning birds sing a happy tune.

I arise from the ground, that I sleep upon, going to the tepee to check on my father and mother
After I do this, I start the hardships of my every day chores
I an Indian, our life and livelihood has never been easy, but I have never known of another
A life of luxury and being free, I am Indian, I have never heard of this before.

In another tepee, I go as I will try to awaken my sisters and brothers
In a life of total respect and determination, I have never encountered a hardship, I consider to big
My people, such pride I have in them, within our small tribe we are all brothers
We all stick together, like on a fig tree, the very figs.

We are a peaceful, tranquil people, loving and respecting everything the land has to offer
Praying to our Gods, in our daily endeavor just to live and survive
Usually when we have a problem, our people with each other, we will confer
To get through our everyday existence, assuring all the people remain alive.

I hunt for food, farm the land, making sure our people never go hungry
Some days, the braves fish, and from the lake we draw water so we can quench everyone's thirst
I pray to the Gods, someday our live will be easier, I beseech you to please hear my plea
All our tribe our family, no one is above the other, we always put another first.

The mysticism and magic of our tribe, it is in our blood, it remains very strong
But life can some times be very hard, I am just a brave, a lowly servant and man
But no where else on Earth would I rather belong
I am proud, always holding my head high, try to understand, I am Cheyenne.



Angel of Mercy


I love my profession being privileged to work within the medical field
I am a nurse in a hospital, but I hate to see others while they suffer
Especially those with a painful terminal illness, their fate is already sealed
Everyday I wish for others from this fate I could deter.

I see this kind of thing each and every day
I sit back and watch as others succumb to immense and intense pain
These people are going to die anyway, so why prolong a painful life if somehow they can get away?
My heart goes out to them as they seem to have no more sunshine in life left, just undying nagging pain.

I know what pain feels like. as life has dealt me more than one bad card
Having my share of sickness, death, and pain
Really in pain's devastating hand, you could say I'm a coward
Pain really hurts and from it you have nothing to gain.

So when I see others suffer, my heart goes out to them and I want to set them free
I know I have no right to judge, but this I just can't bear to see
In my mind when I administer the drug, I am helping them go to sleep, and from their pain they can flee
I'm sure if they could talk they would thank me.

I will never get caught, I am too smart for that
So I will continue to release these poor souls, so they can go to a place free of pain
If I see you were suffering I will out you out of your pain stat
So as I do this, I think to myself, I release you to go to a place you have everything to gain.

Mystic Waters


This shimmering pool of water the ancients say gives very life
Out here in the forest with nothing but nature all around
So quiet a stream runs into the pool. Listen! Be quiet! You can hear it ripple as it flows free from strife
I am really surprised I came upon this place, as it seems like it's trying to hide and not be found.

I have been told the waters here will cure anything
That is why I looked so hard to find this place
I have a terminal illness, and to life I wish to cling
With this in mind I state my case.

Me being of native American descent, it wasn't really hard to learn about this place, as the legend was passed down from parent to child
The legend, bathe in the water, all infirmities are bathed away
To find this place I had to look through numerous old books and files
So as I look at the water, I must decide if I will go into the water and play.

My illness causes wounds in my skin not to heal
So if I decide to bathe in the water, my cure I shall know right away
I am just to young for death to take my life against my will
I want to live and be able to see another day.

I decide to give this a shot and I walk into the water that feels so warm
I tread in the water, as I decide I will try and take a swim
Looking down it seems my skin looks clear. Does this mean I will no longer have to mourn?
Life will surely now be brighter and not so bleak and dark.



Daughter of Isis 


I know from my heritage, I was destined to be queen
I, CLEOPATRA, daughter of Isis, shall forever be strong
The azure blue of the Egyptian skies are the most beautiful I have ever seen
Ra making the sun shine, the desert sands, I know within my heart this is my destiny and where I belong.

Being born of a deity, my name must always remain immortal and strong
My knowledge, my strength, my power, must remain eternal immortal
C-L-E-O-P-A-T-R-A the power of Egypt to which she shall always belong
Me queen of the most famous ancient land ever known, shall always be immortal.

I look over my terrace at everything I rule, my very own domain
For awhile I ruled with my younger brother, but not now the whole land is mine
I set the rules, I set the trends, forever remembered my royal name
When I cross into the land of the dead, my spirit shall be set free to remain over my land forever more

I will use whatever is at my disposal to remain to have control over my land
Being of the female gender I have the use of seduction at my finger tips
To rule, be in control by having the upper hand
I will use any means to keep my control, my very grip.

I would even give my life to appease my mother goddess and to keep control over my land, my rule
I must live up to the destiny to which I was born
Anything that would help me to keep my control I would use as a tool
When I die I shall remain immortal, so there will be no need to mourn.