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David LaBounty  (email, blog)



A Jerk of the Heart or Maybe the Knee


this constant clinging,

this constant craving,

is maybe just adoration


an adoration that grows under your skin


and it has to do with fear of loneliness


of abandonment




living gods


casting shadows on our ground


our ground




by immigrants and natives


and I know the adoration is worse




I put so much heart above our bed


I left it hanging from pendulums and barbed wire.



Before the Doors Swing Open and Shut


church steps


catholic and cement


beer gut husbands

two steps in front

of their wives in bare

legs and skirts and

spiked heels

that send me

an echoing and

concrete code


and I have to wonder


if God looks

at all those

legs and hears

those heels


the same way I do.



Homogenous Kaleidoscope


the new neighborhood

the new houses

the new trees

the new cars,

the new minivans


the bodies,

thin and thick

and the faces are varying

shades of white and






and I remember

when I was

a child, how

I thought all Asians looked


exactly the same





and some have

felt that tug

from God

or purpose

and have

lived a life

full of meaning

and it's all

worked out

nice and neat


childhood, college

career, family,

comfortable retirement.


and there are others

like me and I sure

as hell hope most

are like me.


I've never heard God

call me by name.


I've tried to find

a purpose and

I used to drink and

fuck my way

searching for meaning


and yes,


I have a family


I have a career

but it's not the

career I chose


and retirement,


I can't even think about



people like me,

who crash through life

retirement comes

along with death

and maybe then


God will call me by my name.