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The Sun


It shines for you.

 In this quiet place,

in this time of solitude,

keep your eyes toward the sky,

my love.

 Watch continually the ways of my clouds,

look forward to my refreshing rains,

and revive yourself in my winds,

of the elevated way.

 While you walk this trail,

in the mountain deep

rest your heart in the shade of my peace.

 You might think that there is no comfort

in this valley low because you are alone,


Know for certain,

that I sent the Sun to shine

To warm your soul,

Nurture your body,

and direct your path.

While you are in this time of seclusion

know that I am always

Reflecting my love upon your head.

I adore your spirit

and I stain my benevolent

thoughts upon you

through the Sun.




Black Star


My Cosmic lover

in the night sky you shine,

within the deep of the darkness

you are a bright light

for all to see.

My star,

in the heavens

radiate your love in hues of

yellow, pink, red, blue, and white.

 Glow intense

Sparkle and shimmer

Continue to burn from your power within

extend your light into all the universe.

 My Celestial lord of the skies,

I will be a devotee,

A dedicated and loyal supporter of your


 I will proclaim your excellence across

 the firmament.

 I must be a disciple of your

 dazzling glory.

 Blaze immortal

my love for you.

 Astonish and overwhelm the lost,

 Let us show them

 How to consume the murky blackness.

 Flare and Fire consumes my


Black star, reach for me

in the void

hold me in your affections and share your energy

with me

so that we will rest in exuberant abundance.




Black and White


The world has lost its color,
Without you next to me;
My eyes, jaded;
My heart, stone cold.
Black and white everything is faded.
My mind is singing a somber song and my soul neglects to see;
Without you near me
No brightness can hold.






I love thee
before the dawning of the morning.
Upon the buds of the lily petal
the dew,
sets its course.
I love thee because it is what
I was made to do.
I love thee because the Gods have granted it.

In the awakening of the Sun,
I hear the calling of the spirits;
they scream to me,
they plead with me,
they Summon me;
To love you with all my heart,
To tend to your desires,
To satisfy your fantasies,
To take you into my loving pleasure
and make you want no other.

I love thee with my minds' strength.
I love thee with my hearts passion.
I love thee with my body sweet.





The sun still shines,
the moon still glows,
the rain still falls,
and the fog always rises;
when it seems that the entire world
has forgotten to share its' love,
neglected to show its' actions of hope,
denied you tenderness,
and intended to hurt you.

you are chosen for this life,
made for this task,
designed for this purpose,
and created to fight a good and faithful fight.

So when you think that you are alone,
when you feel you have no one to count on,
when you are weary and lost;
cast your burdens on the Christ within
and walk in the freedom of his might.




Oh Gardener.


You began as a sweet gentle care-taker.

Careful of your words of inspiration

Motivation and fondness


Always aware of your daily actions

To remove weeds of discouragement

Abandonment and com-placement


Nurturing my roots, leaves, and vibrant petals

In verbal and mental capacities

Pleasure in sunlight shared


Both of us


You sensed passion from my natural scent

That was not meant for you


Wanting for self


Moved my precious being into natures streaming cold rains

For more enjoyment


Misunderstood visual pleasures

Spontaneous actions severed



Words of gentle gardener, once of praise

Now turn into a daze

of regret

Unsure of your present actions and words,

Now lead to change


I can no longer grow for you

My smell of sweet still

Burns your senses

Radiant petals now dry in knowledge


Father nature rescues my bulb

From your intentional pain

Your gardening days were never pure

Your ways, deceitful


To grow,

I will continue

Flower form to this remember

Dry my stem and always consider

that warm day

In December

When we connected


I will always be

An Iris



Silent Pain

Intolerable sadness marks its place

Soon much, everything will disappear

The fog of disappointment

Settles in like a rushing train

Silence is born

Leaving no room for life’s racket

Temptation of sorts attempt to claim

The dark hand of hurt appears

Scouring all hope of happiness away

Forceful cruelty

Content with melancholy



A poem for the dreamer

No sign of hearts’ ache in sight

as love is able

the prisoner is free.

Chains of past wrongs lifted

forgiveness given


The sun shimmers

Happiness, ecstatically shines for all to see

Bliss greets

overjoyed with life and sound

Sweet melodies surround   

Repetitious, soft clouds fill the sky

Tender, emerald grass enlarges rolling hills

Glittering, clear lakes


Visions of peace surround

Spirited meditation

Cheerful and energetic

Vivacious love contagious 

blessings spread


African King

True King
Foreign, your natural habits
Compassion for your people reigns
Instead of living in a mansion high
Life is held parallel to servants nigh
No talks of war and hate
Love, able to penetrate
traveling far to distant lands
words of a leader who is silent in command
Just to look in his eyes
A wondrous magic well
Fortunate shivers spark spines
Stories of ol' days captivate
His passion for life rejuvenates bore and lonely
inspirations birth unique fates
abundant ambitions
His people transform into believers
Followers of good intention
"Strive to be majestic in thy ways
And life will have meaning through all your days."



First Kiss

You know the feeling
the first kiss.

So sweet and gentle.
The uncertainty of if your breath smells good,
or if it will actually be all that you dreamed of so many nights before.

The feeling of new love,
special and exciting.
No one knows what the future holds.
How can I say "I love you?"

Honestly, my actions over the past 6 months,
have not been that of love. And love,
is all that you have shown me.
You always by my side,
my ace, my pride.

Strong as a lion,
caring and loving as a bunny.
Both have been mine for the past few years.
October 19, 1999 to be exact.

Mine to watch grow, love, nurture
and comfort.
Sometimes, pain and headache,
majority of it has been a pleasure
sweet as pure honey.



Quiet Quick

Popular girl, not.
Beautiful and self secluded.
By choice of course.
By reason of sultry spirits within my frame of mind, laughing.

But I saw the hungry eyes
and faintly heard the sexual approval.
Accusations and supposes.

Self torments haunt my being.

Unable to relate to the natural way.
Life's lessons have given a different take.
Self motivation only appears when Mary is able to converse.

Self renovation abandoned.

Quietness over takes.
Blank thoughts are continually in place
as new faces try to correlate.
Uncomfortable stability.

Wishing to protest this restless way.
Unable to get the secrets of them far enough to relax.
Long solitude comforts.

Quite silent, contentment.

Questions of "Why me?" expand
as the day rejected draws to an end.
Never to long pondered.

Slow transformations process.
A new way of particular definitions reside
making it a little to easy for the real me to resume hiding.
Never fighting the slavery phantoms
of lifelessness and emptiness.

Coming alive only in the act of pleasures in manly plethora's.
Unsatisfactory savor of the hunt of mastery govern.
The clueless envisioning
they were the "lucky ones".

Untamable ignorant clear beings.
Consuming my temple,
locking my passion for freedom
and longing for the quiet quick.


Lovers vision

Assemble your thoughts, one at a time, in a line like wooden bowls.

Prepare to fill with great love, peace, and the muse of me.

As your fantasies overflow with creation,

Let me relay my thoughts.



A pure white room with camel colored bed linens;

six oversized pillows cover the King sized bed,

scarlet, aquamarine, golden, cherry, coffee, and auburn.  

Soft to the touch, fluffy, inviting.

A giant, white, floor rug with shabby texture, tingles your bare feet.


The breeze that passes from the sky-scraping, open windows, refreshes our spirits.

Gifts of fragrance trail shortly behind them in the form of lose wildflowers;

African daisies in the colors of innocent white, citrus yellow, and Sunkist orange;

Johnny-Jump-up in plum purple and grapefruit yellow;

and the tubular Foxglove in its lovely lilac.


Distant sounds of massive water,

trickling down a waterfall

settles your spirit.


The vision of nature is portrayed in 

palm trees and exotic shrubbery.

Active free birds, many colors, delight in the sun;

African Grey Parrots;

The royal blue Hyacinth Macaws;

The Cockatiels;

A breath taking scene calming your soul.


Come love, relax with me.

Take your mind off the days’ worries and stress,

remove your exterior and confide in me.

Place your troubles at my feet,

I will transform them into a feast of treasures and wealth;

Never to bother you again.


Let me feed you seedless grapes, sweet strawberries, and juicy melons;

sip red wine, and listen to our united hearts rhyme.

Pharaoh of mine, entreat me gentle kisses;

let us bathe together in the warm waters of Euphrates;

Tranquil our retreat is. 

I am serenity for you.  Rest in me.



To Poetry

To poetry

You are my passion

I dream about our conversations every moment

slumber or in elevating daydreams

I see your words

transfer your emotions from one to another.

I am able.

My best friend, you value my ache and bliss

You have the ability to listen opinion free

Always making me feel comfortable

I will never let you down.

I’ll hold your revelation priority,

inspire, encourage, and bring radiance

To those who happen to read.

I know you like me…

You stay with me constantly.

For you,

I will do my best to inform and enable.

Approach laid back and exclusive.

Courage and bravery will accompany me.

To relay a message that all can comprehend and receive

All ears will heed,

The closed eye gains vision.

Minds completed

Emotion and thoughts of hope, rekindled

Souls tied,

stimulation forces a rise


But, for you.





I looked deep into your eyes.  Connection made.

Stay for a while, love me tonight. 

Let your guard down, I am not here to hurt you. 

You work hard, and it shows,

knowledge continually flows from your intoxicating vibe. 

For us, things will be spectacular. 

Spending time together gains rejuvenation. 

Conversations of politics, spirituality, music, and love abide. 

Your company is more than physical. 

Comfort on so many levels

sparks passion and awareness of possibilities. 

I can help you release,

bring you ease,

make it right. 

Its too late to think now, it only would bring confusion and fear. 


Let me take over. 


I have brought everything

needed for a good night. 

Electricity between our souls is more powerful than they know. 

You have what I need,

strength and focus.

Concentrate your energy into my body. 

Last for longer that,

one night. 



Unmovable Tree

How can one moment, you be so sweet

And the next, you are sour, stale, and bleak?

You are moody with out reason


winds that should not have an affect on you


fruit that is intentionally harmful

so easily Come forth

Your promises are many and self fulfilling


Your seeds are vain and in search for fertile ground


Natures’ definition of you is confused as well

No evidence of the soul that was once there exists

Your eyes are permanently closed from all the evil you have dealt

Rooted deep and unreachable, you have grown

Only the shell of a trunk remains

No visitors embrace your shabby limbs

Alone you continue to survive through the thriving seasons

Set in your core.