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Brittney Herz  (email)


About the Poet:

Brittney, 21, is currently a junior in college working towards a Bachelor's degree in English.  She works as an Activity Therapist and as a freelance writer.





True need is what I need,

the seed of envy and lust

must come forth from my chest

and rest within my veins.

a haven,

a brazen act of familiarity

clarity throws me into

a new light full of greed.

The corner hugs me,

tightly, so I get to cling

and bring myself stability

frailty is lost within its paint.

Only my eyes are seen

green, at one time now

how they depict death

left on top of dark cradles.

Much hesitated steps

kept in time, lead me out

and about to the city lights

by night I travel.

She holds her baby closer,

the mother that I pass

gasps, at my bones

that own my body.

The dark moves me,

the alley swallows any

and many fears till he fills

and stills my shaking hands.

I find the warm spot,

a top my used skin

within me my soul starts to dance

entranced again with the world.

My face breaks into a smile,

while I start to fall

stalled only by the pavement

relenting, my hand falls in the gutter.