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Shannon M. Greer  (email)


About the Poet:

Shannon tutors Philosophy, Humanities, and Writing at Saint Leo University near Tampa, FL.  She has been writing intermittently since she was a child, and has only within the last year begun to devote more time and attention to her poetry.





Merlin rests on marbled porch

weaving music into wind.

Wizardfingers touch

lovelorn strings, strumming

wisdom; memories drift,


on violet clouds.

Red-dust sun sinks, pulling

crescent village moon


Lingering, he porchplays,

whispering frosted poems

to Evening Star.

Mermaid swims to his weary coast

and begs for legs.


Merlin strums in blackberry night

braiding songs with

secrets. Porchcat sleeps

curled on Merlin’s

sweet-tea toes.

He beckons Alabama

baybreeze; his

indigo melody

quiets mockingbird,

brings Mermaid back.

Merlin strings sorrow’s song.

Mermaid cries his iceblue tears

and begs for legs.


Merlin pauses at porch edge,

corners strings,

considers granting mermaid wish.

In silence, wizardfingers

spark twinkling

cascade. Spells cast,


glows green;

seaweed curls float

on frothy waves.

Merlin pulls Mermaid to chin,

grows fins,

jumps in.



The Bargain


She spied him from under the watery deep

That fair captain who set sail every night

In blackness well past purple sunset,

Away from his city of light.


She wondered if ever they’d chance to meet

And she cursed her silveryblue fin;

So different were they, & from places diverse,

She lamented they’d never begin.


Yet one night, when the captain was sailing,

On violent seas of emerald and teal,

His ship’s hull split in two while the moon laughed above;

With Triton, Mermaid struck a quick deal.


“Let me take him,” she begged, “’til he’s ready

To walk again on the Mediterranean shore.

I’ll care for him in the sea I call my dear home

‘Til he’s well, then I’ll see him no more.”


Triton nodded in agreement, and Mermaid wasted no time

Doing what she now knew was fated:

She slid her apricot arms around his shoulders and chest,

Swam home, let him rest, and then waited.


And when he opened his eyes, he saw she wasn’t a dream;

She went to him and touched his strong arm,

And lightning shot down from the stormy ash sky

Warning Mermaid of what certain harm


Could come from taking this dear captain

Into her cerulean bed as her own.

She longed to love him in her watery world

But stood by her word, & so with silent groan,


She kissed him once softly and cast her dark spell;

The captain fell into a deep sleep.

She delivered him to the Mediterranean shoreline

--Her promise she did faithfully keep.


And when the rosy sun lifted a sliver

Above dawn’s bronze horizon line

The captain awoke with blurred memories

Of shipwreck, tho’ he bore no bodily sign.


Then a flash of memory showed him

A mermaid with long gingered curls--

A mermaid who treated him gently

In aqua depths among starfish and pearls.


And this memory stayed with the captain for life;

Many more years did he sail trouble-free.

Mermaid perched near the point of his old ship

Watching him traverse the volatile sea.


And she hoped that he knew, as he traveled the world,

His mermaid wasn’t merely a fable;

This mermaid, who couldn’t love him in every possible way,

Loved him every way she was able.





Scarlet priestess, ivory thigh,

Apollo’s messenger, hear my cry!

Look into bronze bowl & scry;

speak your visions, tell me why.


Leaves of laurel, bleached moon on high,

gaze deep in midnight’s onyx eye—

breathe my future’s vapor sigh

from serpent’s crevasse to blackened sky;


my destiny, your words imply.

Do not this meager request deny;

The truth on your red lips is nigh—

Love, loose my crimson heart to fly.





Under a vanilla magnolia

crescent, corset-laced,

Archer’s Bride ambles,

wearing peony silk & glass

slippers; a pearl princess adrift

among sleepy poppies.


Angry clouds gather & roll,

 scrying moon secrets.

His pale Bride pauses,

hears her sisters’ watery song,

trades her snowy veil for flame;

glass slippers splinter.

Blue stars streak thundering

midnight with icy fringe; Bride shakes

off angel wings, gold ring,

& pasted pastel smile,

scattering turtledoves

& exposing her true

 scarlet seams.


Archer’s Bride whispers

 to a black raging sea,

 asks Amphitrite for release,

longs for peaceful sleep.

Soon, swift Nereid fingers

 help gingered curls escape,

they spill past ivory shoulder

 to jeweled core; peony silk


floats to flowerstrewn mound;

restless Bride heads for shore.

There, under slivered moonlight,

in ebony silence on damp foamy sand,

milky legs merge & are welcomed

as sapphire & emerald fin.

Bride is no longer Archer’s

but simply Mermaid again.






You come to me in whispers & white moon

 showers, summer’s troubadour.

Wrapped in midnight’s ebony

 velvet, we recline, entwined,

under this high star

carpet; your thirsty

 secrets pass to almond

shoulders & pale apple

 blossom ears. Whisper

 again your crystal promises

& songs of July’s deep

 jasmine.  Your words

are nectar & my neck

 is ripe for the wet sugar

 of your ravenous








When the sun presses higher in pink morning mist;

& the grass, ultragreen, with cool dewdrop, glistens;

& the traffic flies frantic past my small windowpane

In a rush,

I hear your voice.


When the clouds float by in the shape of wild tigers;

& the sun arcs high at sweaty noon, blazing;

& the boys on the job sit down to ham sandwiches

& a nap,

I hear your voice.


When the storms roll in from the east side of the state;

& the cars hurry home on the interstate, late;

& the rain plummets down from the silver ash sky

Soaking concrete,

I hear your voice.


When violet rings spiral around a lush moon,

& Orion asks me to be his pale bride,

& the waves crawl onto the empty seashore

With secrets,

I hear your voice.


It’s your voice

When I’m alone under midnight’s spell,

When I’m counting the seconds ‘til the teapot shrieks,

When I’m locking the doors at the end of the day before sleeping

& dreaming of you…





Gemini Hearts


Emerald clover

blankets the toes of tall oaks;

on this cool carpet, removed

from July’s white heat canopy,

dress me in rose

petals & cream kisses;

I am your scarlet Queen

of Wands.

Clouds whisper,

charming sunset

into black lilac,


night’s full ivory

curve. Stars spill

across a feathered tulip

sky, ringing

our Gemini hearts

in shifting gold shadow

and light. Clover cushioned,

we spiral, braiding

breath & limb,

arcing into dawn’s

silver wash.




New Dawn


Crawling through

solitude’s deep jade

labyrinth carving pale paths,

sore fingers scratch dust

on twisting endless roads.

I choke

on gray shadow days; hungry

scrub pines claw

my spine; chestnuts bite

bruised knees. No milky moon

glows to guide me.

It is missing;

so much is missing.


& then rain tumbles;

cool platinum teardrops

pour from flannel clouds, cleansing

craving from blue bones.

Scarlet angelwings

feather my cheek.

I rise,


calling silently into an obsidian

starless sky for the cherry

blossom pink of a New Dawn.


& day breaks, blood orange

on the plum horizon,


because of your honeyed

jasmine smile.