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Eric Granda  (email)


About the Poet:



A Vampires Domain

The thirst of hunger is on my mind

Donors I find I  Search for innocent

Victim whose abilities leave a

Remarkable impression is diagnosed

With manic depression builds friendship
 based on loyalty lives like Royalty up late

searches for a soul mated Homebound

walks on hallow ground Physically

active sexually attractive Part of the
 club scene appearance is Clean

develops a talent born with a Gift

legendary myth immortal nocturnal

The clothes I wear is black my prey

I attack I prefer the potency of blood



Star Quality

Up above they are gaze upon

They twinkle nightly they shine

Brightly their close up analysis

Are extraordinary galaxies

 Constellations nova stellar

 their discoveries are limitless


Down below they captivate adorn

With luxuries they feast on delicacies

Their taste is classy looks style beauty

 elegance their pursuits are Endless


On an elevated platform they galvanize

They put on an act with a skillful talent

Their efforts are valiant their outfits

Are glamorous character personality

 Charisma finesse their Ideologies are



(Star Quality has been published previously at poetry.com)



Nocturnal Awakening

Lay dormant through the ages buried

Beneath the sands of time an ancient

Species rests silently before it awakes

Into the darkness below the surface it

Resides awaken it will rise gradually

It will regenerate then regain strong

Risen at night sensitive to direct light

 it  Terrorizes a city it victimizes itís

Victims when it wanders off from

Dusk until dawn where it returns





Street gangs fight for each otherís

Territory drug dealers compete with

Their competitors organize crime

Negotiate for power amateurs learn

By trial and error rookies learn by

Mistake professionals learn by

Experience they operate in the barrio

The ghetto The suburb this is the

Underworld Violence is fought a

distribution Market is sought protection

is bought The hoodlums over run the

slums the thugs push the drugs

                                the criminal organization handles the

                                operation When they rumble they get

                                in trouble When they smuggle they

                                transport Bundle when they hustle

                                they flex Their muscle in the barrio the

                                ghetto the suburb this is the underworld

                                they wheel and deal they rob and steal

                                they have an abundance of wealth their

                                Impact can be felt they have their own Form

                                of justice death is their final Judgment they

                                kill until all their enemies Are dead who want

control of their Territory in the barrio the ghetto

the Suburb this is the underworld



Shadowy Figure

Your always on the run your

Unmatched outdone you have

Have no options to consider

Youíre obligated to deliver when

Youíre a shadowy figure behind

The scenes you pull the strings you

Make your mark then you come out

On top thereís a schedule to keep

Deadlines to meet thereís an

Objective to achieve thereís computer

Data to retrieve your in charge of this

Operation you expect a little cooperation

You have no options to consider your 

obligated to deliver when

Youíre a shadowy figure funds are

Transferred money is wired your

Services are required thereís no time

To waste lives are at stake hostages are

Taken identities are mistaken you have

No options to consider your obligated

To deliver when youíre a shadowy figure