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Dr. Charles Frederickson  (email)                 Images and PoeArtry


About the Poet:

Dr. Charles Frederickson is a Swedish-American-Thai progressive visionary, feisty vagabond and passionate do-gooder who has wandered intrepidly through 206 countries, an original sketch and poem for each presented on http://www.imagesof.8k.com. This e-gadfly is a member of World Poets Society, based in Greece, with 200+ poetry publication credits on 6 continents, including: Above Ground Testing, Angelfire, Ascent Aspirations, Auckland Poetry, Blind Mans Rainbow, Both Sides Now, Carillon, Caveat Lector, Cordite Poetry Review, Dance to Death, Decanto, Eclipse, Flutter Magazine, Fullosia Press, Gangway, Greatworks, Green Dove, Indite Circle, International Poet, Listen & Be Heard, Living Poets, Lunarosity, Madpoetry, Masque Publishing, Melange, Newtopia, Neon Highway, New Verse News, Planet Authority, Poetisphere, Poetry Canada, Poetry Cemetery, Poetry of Scotland, Poetry Stop, Poets for Peace, Poetry Superhighway, Pyramid, Sz, The Smoking Poet, Vintage, Ygdrasil, Ya’Sou! and Zafusy.



December, 2008




Very own private hideaway spot

Dancing beneath rainbow’s ecstasy arc

Garden hose nozzle sprinkling glee

Recoiled serpentine sod thirst quenched


                                                                               NEVER THE SAME

                                                                               Invisible barbed tight-wire balancing act

                                                                               Bent umbrella spokes thumbnail slivers

                                                                               Playing hopscotch avec imaginary friends

                                                                               Lions jumping through blazing hoops



Recollections secreted in stonewall cracks

Demons sneaking through uncaught crooks

Hurling rocks skyward falling on

Shrunken heads turned away coughing


                                                                               NEVER THE SAME

                                                                               Uncharted path thorny bramble cleared

                                                                               Paved bike trails filling void

                                                                               Yellow-line logic bypasses common sense

                                                                               Ground rule taboos flexibly stretched



Somebody else’s mother slitting throat

Skinning childhood stirring cocoa dreams

Chalky constellatory stardust scratching blackboard

Fortune etched onto unread palms


                                                                               NEVER THE SAME

                                                                               Skipped heartbeat pulsating What If

                                                                               Dedicated to Have Nots who

                                                                               Aren’t now never will be

                                                                               What might have mere reverie







UNfears almost grown out of

Lying awake afraid to sleep

Boogeyman lurking undercover bedspread flounce

Nightmares bucking stacked UNeven odds


                                                                               UNholy ghosts leaving vapor trails

                                                                               Behind smoky mirrors passed through

                                                                               Quick exits revolving door entrancement

                                                                               Hunchback shadows UNtimely warp bent


UNtying Gordian knot oracular promise

Square root Scout merit badges

Naively idealistic do-gooders eagle-eyed pragmatists

Enigmatic sphinx riddles best UNsolved 


                                                                               UNanticipated quirky twists cork-screwing Fate

                                                                               Sliding up spiral staircase banister

                                                                               Popping quixotic bubbles fermented sparkle

                                                                               Destiny watered down expectations UNmet


UNgathered bouquet dawn’s early light

Morning glory dewdrops funneling dusk

Cul-de-sacs reaching afterlife impasse wherein

Dead ends are most UNlive





                                    **TRA, **TRA



     Inverse sky afternoon evening nap

          Yawning horizon past future stretch

               Bordering on off flip-flop switches

                    Outcast infinity **PECTATIONS beyond limits



     Flea market haggler trading places

          Shakedown upscale tipped over under

               No refunds bargain basement attic

                    As is **AM was weren’t



     Fading golden nugget prospects rise

          Discovering rainbows where none exist

               Flimsy negligee dusk dawn shed

                    Shamelessly naked **POSED skintight loose



     Endangered struggle for against survival

          Urban rural safari wildness tamed

               Humanimal species criss-crossing breeds

                    Leopards tigers **CHANGE spots stripes



     Infrared ultraviolet micro- macro- spectrum

          Living dead lenders borrowed time

               Ghosts race black white cloudbanks

                    More most **CESS too much




Black hole swallowing third planet

     From smoldering Sun nebula unplugged

          Sending ultraviolet shock waves through

               Firmament emitting gamma radiance aglow


               Even time can’t escape gravity

          Being sucked into swirling abyss

     Amazing beast Minotaur labyrinth entrapped

Journey of No Return passage


Inter-galactic world collide fusing together

     Giant vacuums cleaning stardust carpet

          Innermost soulful anima Fantasia medley

               Shrunken neutron Snow White dwarfs


               Angels and Demons unpardonable sinners

          Wingless glossy beetles crawling through

     No exit skylight shattering windowpane

Peeved solar masses reflecting vengeance


Ripping through stellar space faster

     Than Lone Ranger’s speeding bullet

          Kick started by Supernovae implosion

               Gas spiral centripetal whirlpool vortex


               Moonless night eclipsing miserable despair

          Self-loathing sorrow venting pent-up rage

     Unfed hopes becoming utterly extinct

Final merger million eons away 






                                    EITHER / OR


Nothing is everywhere but here

     Homecoming befitting once upon stranger

          Return stumbling over flimsy excuses

               IOU’s compensating unsettled debts   or


Achingly familiar provokes mudslinger slide

     Wet soil oozing between toes

          Clay cracked footprint dusted off

               Frayed ribbon wallflower hanger-on   or


Overcast sky dirty laundry folded

     Prostrate corpses inhabiting old room

          Fast awake apparitions bedstead trapped

               Musty sheets pinfeather pillows   or


Prodigal ghost static clings to

     Diving rods no longer there

          Cardboard slide rule masking taped

               Toothless attic fan truths   or


Silent unknowns remain whitewashed cover-ups

     For another decade at least

          Wrinkled oak nestling robin stutter

               Anywhere else but here   or





                                                            RETURN TO SENDER


Stamped night enveloped in darkness

Skipped heartbeats softened to mush

Blurry postmark smudged lipstick gloss

Sealed shut with butterfly kisses


                                                                               Ukulele newfangled instrument trading places

                                                                               Steel guitar uptight twisted wires

                                                                               Unhinged case begging passerby alms

                                                                               Tosses coins rough edge landings


Strumming banjo pluck heartstrings tug

Fretting about nothing much matters

Metallic claws peeling off shadows

Crackly chord rhythms gone astray


                                                                               Intergalactic midnight blue velvet painting

                                                                               Lunarscape that glows in dark

                                                                               Leaning against some distant planet

                                                                               Fallen meteor mistaken for star


Unearthed jewels fake gemstone paste

Everyday colorful prismatic spectrum refractors

Crashing surprise party gift wrapped

Petrified rainbow overstaying friendly visit


                                                                               Galvanized mailbox slack jaw agape

                                                                               Awaited special delivery never arriving

                                                                               Tumbling moon somersaults over asteroid

                                                                               Cartwheels spread eagle wheel spokes





Icaghowan Bible getaway UNhappy campers

     Summertime blues acute longing homesickness

          Wet dreams mattress reeking bedbuggery

               Infestation wingless mites parasitic bloodsuckers


                    Gospel according to UNsaintly Matt

               Smirking pervert log cabin counselor

          Averted nervous glances Mantra testament

     Stiff pricks have no consciences


Ghost stories invoking UNholy spirits

     Powwow marshmallows burnt to crisps

          Graham crackers Hershey bar smores

               Wienies stuffed in Wonder buns


                    Moses cradling UNsung Ave Maria

               Marshy bulrushes vestal virgin swamped

          Pithy stems fuzzy pussy willows

     Fluttery butterflies coughing up phlegm


Horned toad chapped skin UNroughed

     Tailless amphibians playing leap frog

          Cinderella’s petit prince charming transmigration

               Itchy palm warts rubbed raw


                    Chances blown shotgun wads UNloaded

               Spit or swallow bent kneelers

          Stud poker wild Jokers tamed

     Cardinal sins red letter events




This poem is dedicated to John Nashville, the tenacious founder and inspiration

behind POETRY CEMETERY, with many thanks for his generous recognition

and support of aspiring poets and best wishes for continued success in his

always worthwhile author-itative ventures!



                             STINGRAY GLINTS


Running late smack-dab dewy kisses

Sun finally persuaded to rise

Yawning horizon crying out loud

Dawn’s early birds high-pitched chirps


                             Thinking we were we weren’t

                             Unreasonable existence striving for recognition

                             Almost but never quite knowing

                             Desperate to understand unraveled secrets


                                                            Passion flowers given cold shoulder

                                                            Crisp air exhaling frosty breath

                                                            Bellies tickled by icy fingertips

                                                            Daybreak navels turned innie outed


Crosswalk stoplight stuck on red

Amber tiger’s eyes lying in wait

Envious green on the blink

Buckling pavement flipping sewer lids


                             Once was wasn’t ever really

                             Dead man’s float sunken hope

                             Stillborn mummies wrapped in transparency

                             Embalming ointment soaking through gauze


                                                            The first of many goodbyes

                                                            Vowing allegiance to nightshade dreams                                     

                                                            Moonbeams hiding behind own shadows

                                                            Missing stars replaced by

Prior to December, 2008



A future Me vaguely remembers

Déjà voodoo all over again

Haunted hoof prints trampling dreamscape

Dust settling over quicksand cave-ins


Tip of forked tongue recall

What seemingly could have been

If only come-backs too late

Enough is never enough said


                                    Better forgotten worrisome present tense

                                    Rundown fast forward remote control

                                    Recharged batteries AC/DC unplugged

                                    Boomerang thrown for loophole evasion


Distorted time warp mirror image

Reflected in bottomless drowning pool

Earthworm dangling from bent hook

Buoyant gutsy spirit kept afloat


Past Me sensing didn’t happenings

Trying to stop spinning globe

Intent on getting off merry-go-round

Calliope stripped gears whistles blown






Carving out own worldly place

            No planned itinerary white-line blueprint

                        To go from experientially discovering

New horizons adventurer staking claim


Never one to follow maps

            Destiny unfolding stealth star course

                        Blazing trails where none exist

                                    Trusting gut never looking back


Breaking away from hardly routine

            Vision quest seeking lofty perspectives

                        Uphill journey nobody else can

                                    Take for or spare us


Insatiable appetite for distinctly original

            Intrepid derring-do conquering worrisome fears

                        Aspiring to make enabling difference

                                    Fanatical intuitive others-oriented sixth sense


Winged feet firmly off ground

            Free floating above see level

                        Pretending to take life seriously

                                    Aware it’s off-color dirty joke


Deviant errors cannot be changed

            Flipped page corners turned back

                        Seemingly lost oversights actually were

                                    Past mistakes reinforce future success    






Everyday occurrences destined to dwell

     In present continuous ever-so tense

          Nothing remains of past recollections

               Passed over childhood selectively recalled


     Shadowy history gone for good

          Primary sources dyed in woolskins

               Homespun authenticity filling in blanks

                    Embellished legends better left alone


          Rutted routine digging own grave

               Doldrums turned to hard clay

                    Dirt ripening soil uprooting stalkers

                         Barely alive struggling to survive


     Perhaps tomorrow will be different

          Knowing full well it won’t

               Endless moments just out of

                    Reach holding out for overtime


Bleached forsaken dreams dirty laundry

     Pegged hung out to dry

          Begging to be taken in

               Overcast clouds trailing disowned future







Pretending to be actually is

Feigned innocence guilty of deception

Deadpan reality staring through us

As if we never existed


Wildflowers refusing to be tamed

Purple blooms disguised as weeds

Holding onto grasped hollow straws

Brittle stems rainbow ribbons bound


Stones take time to blossom

Fragrant rosebuds spreading clipped wings

Rigged sails unfurled emerging chrysalis

Multi-leafed clover turning into honeybees


Crystal menagerie dust blanketing collection

Tiny unicorn plucked from shelf

To let it gallop prismatically

Revolving carousel mirrors warped reflections


Once majestic now relatively harmless

Almost extinct rare endangered species

Silverback gorillas white polar bears

Branded livestock raised for slaughter


Flock of withdrawn shadows hovering

Over barred cages flung open

All traces of consciousness hidden

Conclusions straining to be inevitable







Break away from dead-end alley

            To discover who you are

                        Or what you could become

                                    Thrust into beaming headlights glare


Take leave tethered chain removed

            Friskily chasing own bushy tail

                        Homeless dislocated belonging nowhere special

                                    Liberation unlimited possibilities to pursue


Surrender afloat mastering strange lingua

            Forked gutturals bent on fluency

                        Postcard sent from anywhere else

                                    Outsider limbo there not here


Actualized experiences virtual reality detours

            Flexibly changing with uncertain times

                        Independent perspective gained from seeing

                                    Things circumspectly from untold distance


One way narrow cul-de-sac impasse

            No gracious exit turnabout space

                        Blindsided by paved good intentions

                                    Never yielding right of way






I alone am still myself

Bluffer confidence merely fake delusions

Filling a vacancy inhabited by

Strangers chosen at chancy random


Picking up house moving on

Nothing of value left behind

Renegotiated lease on life sublet

Empty spaces filling in blanks


Unsettled existence simply passing through

Green lane nothing to declare

Alien visa possessive ghosts preoccupied

Disposing of Hefty accumulated trash


Speaking foreign language of silence

Intermittently interrupted by nature calls

Irregular heavy breathing throbbing pulse

Survival struggle leftover happiness drained


Popping powdered elixir of immortality

Swallowing cherries even their pits

Dispensed pills forced to hitchhike

Sliding off end game abyss


After all these misbegotten years

Opposite pointed tip origins erased

Redeemer of lost childhood found

Escapist fleeting moments caught up





Corrugated river sheeted with sunlight

     Rust corroding edgy gutter banks

Slippery eels unplug lightning bugs

     Zinc rain tinsel frosting pines


Submissive sky unfurling cumulus sails

     Anchor raised marshmallow clouds unchained

Humidity sucking like thirsty leech

     Expectant air unwinding tangled yarn


Morning glory around next bend

     Dew blotted away by mist

Water falling upwards standing still

     Lily pads elusive stepping stones


Skinny dippers take dunking turns

     Swimming laps in empty pool

Accordion pleats serenading polka dots

     Hulled out apple core shadows


Rainbows melt candlewax trickling down

     Dimpled cheeks peacock feather fans

Midnight blue reflections unfolding ripples

     Kind mirror shows no wrinkles


Serial killer sticks stabbing course

     Croc floating impassively washboard backbone

Unblinking bloodshot eyeballs at attention

     Merciless skeletal incarnation settling scores






No Man’s wasteland off limits

   Undyingly devoted population eternal flies

      Vacant lot scarabs living forever

         Captive insects leafy foodstuff stuck


   Half-rotten trunks crawling with buggery

      Corpuscular insects thousand bulging eyes

         Craving blood fixes communal wine

            Crisp saltine wafer saliva meltdown


      Coarse cockleburs prickly thorn snags

         Trailing bramble tightening clutch grasp

            Pitted blackberry druplets arching canes

               Deserted wildflowers struggling to survive


   Wadi multi-hued bedrock cuts deep

      Watercourse run dry save rainfall

         Semitic roots quenched skulls afloat

            Pilaf seasoned tapering ribbony saffron


Raw black plumage Old World

   Necklaced vultures pecking resolve scavengers

      Ripping apart carrion decaying flesh

         Skin useless as percale pillowcase






Clouds sucking in dimpled cheeks

     Bleached murmur whispers swept away

          Daylight slumping in prayerful solitude

               Sluggish sunrays emerging from shadows

(   )  (  )  (  )  (  )

               Same pure cobalt firmament overhead

          Vast measureless universe washed out

     Tide keeps asking mindless questions

Echoing grotto holding its own

^^^^  ^^^^  ^^^^  ^^^^

Minnows abandoning nibbled hook illusions

     Monkfish gurgling underwater fathoms deep

          Squirming burbles lungs becoming gills

               Bony skeleton iridescence scaled back

<  >  <  >  <  >  <  >

               Sparks of darkness kindling fears

          Anxious raw stars spitfire doused

     Great and small bears hibernating

In oblivion black hole caves

[   ]   [   ]   [   ]   [   ]

Preferring to remain in dreamland

     Breathtaking leaps ending in disenchantment

          Demons slipping through stucco cracks

               Previous life mortar wallpapered over

####  ####  ####  ####

               Faceless expression wiped off mirror

          Leaving streaks of unpolished smudges

     Gilt frame chipping away inevitability

Waiting for heartbeat to stop






Slightly less than half alive

Holding on for dear life

Bomb ticking backwards pin pulled

Spread-eagle specimens display case mounted


                           Color drained from veined wings

                           Blown glass chances grounded flights

                           Cocoon re-spun larvae pupal metamorphosis

                           Warp & woof nubby silkworm tapestries


                                    Walled in jungle asserting itself

                                    Sterile world humid greenhouse effect

                                    Sun glancing off afterglow reflections

                                    Gold lodestar re-deposited in mine


                           Androgynous staminate & pistillate exotic orchids

                           Edgy purple velvet petals cringe

                           Pouting lips calyx jaded sepals

                           Sticky private parts attracting suitors


Kid glove bodies fitting snugly

Touch so gentle one could

Feel the inky fingerprint whorls

Love tattoos undiluted secret trysts






God’s fingerprints where dust settles

Dogs pissing on dismembered limbs

Air stiffens bent kneecaps genuflect

Praying to whatever deity listens


                                                Blinds pulled stumbling into ghosts

                                                Observing worlds forbidden to enter

                                                Groping for overshadowed moonlit aura

                                                Downy pockets of obscurity picked


Under static dusk darkling shivers

Cast out driftwood slivers embedded

Stained glass blown chances dreamscape

Foggy sprawling waves crestfallen spume


Fragrant mown grass arousing sensuality

Switchblades slaying dead alive specters

Uprooted heartstring tugs weeded out

Clinging dew exhaling raspy breaths


                                                Ribless skeleton starved for hugs

                                                Malcontents chewing cuds swallowing dentures

                                                Sorrow wax secrets gnawed off

                                                Bone marrow oozing hollow echoes


Shoving ahead in checkout line

Conveyor belt memory never registering

Why’s of Fate pressure vacuum

Just because plastic justifications sacked






I alone am still myself

Bluffer confidence merely fake delusions

Filling a vacancy inhabited by

Strangers chosen at chancy random


Picking up house moving on

Nothing of value left behind

Renegotiated lease on life sublet

Empty spaces filling in blanks


Unsettled existence simply passing through

Green lane nothing to declare

Alien visa possessive ghosts preoccupied

Disposing of Hefty accumulated trash


Speaking foreign language of silence

Intermittently interrupted by nature calls

Irregular heavy breathing throbbing pulse

Survival struggle leftover happiness drained


Popping powdered elixir of immortality

Swallowing cherries even their pits

Dispensed pills forced to hitchhike

Sliding off end game abyss


After all these misbegotten years

Opposite pointed tip origins erased

Redeemer of lost childhood found

Escapist fleeting moments caught up




ME   MYSELF   &   I


No I am maybe Yes




Listening to so many selves

Precocious spoiled brats craving attention

Robbed of youth sublime innocence

Tin cup penitent begging pardon




Looking into so many mirrors

Withered eyebrows straightjacket escapist illusions

Seeing right through fragile anima

Time warped still life distortions




Praying to so many deities

Afterlife redemption taking no chances

Smiling Buddha Yahweh radiating bliss

Pinned hopes wrestling with God




Yes I am maybe Not




Bringing new life into existence    

More than just base instinct
Throbbing heartbeat sharing primordial caring
Womb to tomb tender mercy

Awareness fills empty void vacuum
Élan vital life-force mindful spirit
Lost souls regaining common ground
What matters most is love

Born gifted with innate talents
Cradlesong lullaby hugs goodnight kisses
Family recognition supportive tolerant atmosphere
Encourages respectful dignity risk-taking dares

Flourishing abundance in full bloom
Initiatives energized ripeness expanding until
Harvested fruition fades away shriveled Pods sprout again next year

Life cycle rhythms propitious events
Fostered on daily seedling basis
Germinated yield sagging bounty picked
Reminder how tenuous things are

Worrisome sweat watering your dreams
Entangles fearsome weeds choking growth
Firmly rooting hopes with optimism
Radiates sunny disposition cultivating success



Sparkly glowing eyes illuminating darkness
          Infatuation begins with alluring smile
                    Grows with hug-me-tight kissable pucker
                              And ends with brokenhearted teardrops

Unconditional love madness without reason
          Letting go of unwarranted expectations
                    Accepting as is habitude discontent
                              Making partner into somebody else

Romantic ideals demand soulful satisfaction
          Longing desire to be desired
                    Seeing without eyes sensory perception
                              Hearing without ears sound judgment

Life without love thorny path
          twisted bypass planting amorous seeds
                    Stalking rosebuds unfolding gentle nature
                              Fragrant ardent blossoms arousing passion

Gratified desire screaming delight soiled
          Earthbound dreams struggling to exist
                    Hyperactive racing pulses can’t get
                              Enough is never enough said

Lust differentiates love from sex
          Flirtatious tease vis-à-vis wanton frolic
                    Averted visual contact parting glances
                              Declining hearsay comfortably otherwise engaged

                                    ASYMMETRIC SNOWFLAKE


*Sugarplum visions winter wonderland idyll

            **Secret pitfalls good gravy cover-ups

                        ***Mashed potato transfigured burial mounds

                                    ****Gnashing jagged teeth ground down


*First flaky crust tread carefully

            **Every telling bloody misstep shows

                        ***Thin ice meltdown tenuously refreezing

                                    ****Makeshift rink skates need sharpening


*Intense silence unconscious being snowbound

            **Droopy pine boughs weighed down

                        ***Blanketed towering lean-to’s intimately huddle

                                    ****Diffuse sunrays sifting prickly freefall


*Outdoors fun snow-bunny hop slopes

            **Majestic mountain takes downhill lead

                        ***Macabre dance of death slalom

                                    ****Lonely corpses jumping to conclusions


*Haggard ghosts cleft chin stubble

            **Licking chops bearded icicles caress

                        ***Powder-puff frosting brows ruddy cheeks

                                    ****Chapped lips glossy senses numbed


*Revival air exhaling visible breaths

            **Quintessential lifestyle reigniting spitfire core

                        ***Walking tall kneecaps bent skiing

                                    ****Virgin Snow White signature run


*Crocus fooled into blossoming early

            **Fine-feathered migratory snowbirds return prematurely

                        ***Unanticipated blizzard knotty hideout shelter

                                    ****Hoarfrost seedy miracles sprouting wings



                        H ½ O


Civilization intent on taming flow

            Subduing free rein wanton urges

                        Yet its very wildness is

                                    What makes water so fascinating


Essential thirst-quenched manimal survival element

            Vital taproot plant life source

                        Pure origination beneath within itself

                                    Every last drop so indispensable


Landlocked mirror vision murky depths

            Freshwater bluegill lakes yellow-belly sunfish

                        Sentimental river journey never returning

                                    Upstream impelling spawn so engendering ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Wading barefoot sand-jam between toes

            Shaky surface reflections shimmering glisten

                        Swishy mermaid tails shedding scales

                                    For naked plunge so refreshing


Poseidon flanked by nymphal harem

            Tempestuous Nereids reign shifting current

                        Incorrigibly eccentric bends slinky curves

                                    Siren feminine wiles so alluring


Climate Change shattering glass greenhouses

            Scorned thunderbolt fury lightning rage

                        Flash floods clear as mudslides

                                    Tornados funneling disaster so tragic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Warmer temperatures rising sea levels

            Profoundly affect global water management

                        Jeopardizing potable supply famished teardrops

                                    Drowning capsized hopes so hapless




Native American eulogy honoring dead

            Revelatory vision ominous solar eclipse

                        Circle dance signifying heavenly path

                                    Wild horses stampeding eventide sky


Messianic cult shaman prophet dreamer

            Preaching message of universal love

                        Promised reunion with recently departed

                                    Return to Nature nomadic lifestyle

                                                HEYE’ HEYE’ HEYE’ HEY!

Sacred hunting grounds buffalo herds

            Antelope buckskin pine nut harvest

                        Earth filled with bountiful abundance

                                    Good old bad old daze

                                                AHO’ HO!

Cottonwood totem starry magic symbols

            Offerings to divine supernatural powers

                        After dark invocations prayers exhortations

                                    Honorific ceremonial eagle feather ritual

                                                AO’RI YO! AO’RI YO!

Facing inward all join hands

            Unaccompanied sing-sing begins soft undertones

                        Voices swelling to full strength

                                    Rejoicing kindred spirits fervently hopeful

                                                HA’EYE’YA HE’YE’YE!

Widows dancing until total collapse

            Anticipating thunderbird warriors’ imminent return

                        Manic frenzy spasms stretched out

                                    Stiff yet unconscious hypnotic trance

                                                YE’ YE’!

Hands unclasped arrow snapped calumet

            Peace pipe smoked bonfire lit

                        Powwow celebrating faithful harmonic coexistence

                                    Coyote howling at full moon




Unlined silver satin cloud sprinkle

          Stained dirty linen wrung out

                    Hand-me-down drizzle grown out of

                             Drip-dry fabric wrinkles steam ironed ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Varicose veined old leafs overturned

          Serrate edges rusty switchblade hitters

                    Bent twisted tongues stirring honey

                             Yawning crotchety slingshot stoning outcasts

+ + + + + + + + + +

Hemmed in by evergreen canopy

          Looking up virgin forest’s skirt

                        Hollow trunk bark tattoos stripped

                                    Bare limbs spreading viscous rumors

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Confided secret trusts rapaciously exposed

          Stunted growth whippersnappers springing backlash

                    Sapling lean-tos wary of trespassers

                             Lumberjacks milling around chainsaw massacre / / / / / / / / / / Lapis sky’s slack-jawed mouth agape

          Uncoupled lightning without thunder accompaniment

                    Haphazard sewn bolts cross-stitching zigzags

                             Ripped open satiated glut deluge

# # # # # # # # # #

Treetop avian trills never repetitious

          Stuffing survival down ruby throats

                    Instinct cannily emboldens flighty nestlings

                             Chirping weepy outcry timber felled

> > > > > > > > > >





Southern Cross emitting hopeful rays

            Silvery tinsel aurora australis afterglow

                        Gold Coast spawning red coral

                                    Calcerous skeletons high-spirited reefer madness

>   >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >

Sun major regenerative energy source

            Earth tilting elliptical orbit axis

                        Circadian clockwork regulates daily rhythms

                                    All-too-predictable 7/11 rotations open 24 hrs.

<   <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <

Moonstruck orgy of reproduction exploding

            Spermatozoan blizzard mysterious procreation rite

                        Obsessive love fest primitive photoreceptors

                                    Eyeless bluish flashes sensory perception

>   >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >

Polyps building stony structure foundation

            Gamates released simultaneously interconnected colonies

                        Forming viscuous surface identical hermaphrodites

                                    Both sexes organs genetic makeup

<   <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <   <

Swirly luminous glow-in-the-dark pink flotsam

            Fertilization process forming baby planula

                        Free-swimming broody larva jetsam slicks

                                    Sticking together avoiding predatory advances

>   >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >   >

Erosion resistant algal marine ridges

            Crucial ecosystem life stock resources

                        Pristine environment threatened by over-fishing

                                    Sedimentary pollution natural balance upset





Rivers no longer flow into

            Oceanic caldera boiling reduced to

                        Simmer steam open sea evaporation

                                Lid pried off plug yank


Seeping moisture slowly dried up

            Still life seascapes drained mercilessly

                        Wave swells lay dying on

                                Distant shores naked refuse exposed


No longer fit for habitation

            Swimming scuba diving breathless drowning

                        Moving with vanishing ebb drift

                                Windswept continents kept off balance ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Detritus rained down upon decomposed

            Sunken graveyards spent cockleshells clutter

                        Bittersweet rusty oasis eaten away

                                Embedded clay fossils left behind


No creature as deadly as

            Spitfire raging sun’s relentless scorch

                        Medieval alchemy cockeyed maritime portent

                                Unfathomable geological omen empty forevermore ^^^^^^^^^ Looming hawkish osprey voracious scavengers

            Unhinged pirate treasure chest doubloons

                        Nowhere to be found swagger

                                Grandeur gone forever undeniable lost ^^^^ Finality skipping stones across wavelets

            Impulsive ripples tickling barefoot swashbucklers

                        Ignoring rocky clamor frothy surf

                                Hurled against sheer ragged cliffs





*Sugarplum visions winter wonderland idyll

            **Secret pitfalls good gravy cover-ups

                        ***Mashed potato transfigured burial mounds

                                    ****Gnashing jagged teeth ground down


*First flaky crust tread carefully

            **Every telling bloody misstep shows

                        ***Thin ice meltdown tenuously refreezing

                                    ****Makeshift rink skates need sharpening


*Intense silence unconscious being snowbound

            **Droopy pine boughs weighed down

                        ***Blanketed towering lean-to’s intimately huddle

                                    ****Diffuse sunrays sifting prickly freefall


*Outdoors fun snow-bunny hop slopes

            **Majestic mountain takes downhill lead

                        ***Macabre dance of death slalom

                                    ****Lonely corpses jumping to conclusions


*Haggard ghosts cleft chin stubble

            **Licking chops bearded icicles caress

                        ***Powder-puff frosting brows ruddy cheeks

                                    ****Chapped lips glossy senses numbed


*Revival air exhaling visible breaths

            **Quintessential lifestyle reigniting spitfire core

                        ***Walking tall kneecaps bent skiing

                                    ****Virgin Snow White signature run


*Crocus fooled into blossoming early

            **Fine-feathered migratory snowbirds return prematurely

                        ***Unanticipated blizzard knotty hideout shelter

                                    ****Hoarfrost seedy miracles sprouting wings






Borderline fantasy or sheer insanity
Wavy bent curves separate imagination
From uncontrolled surreal wild hallucinations
Whimsical passion yielding outlandish weirdness

Indulging in quirky nightmarish visions
Where does sound reason end
And disorderly madness take over
Bizarre unconventional wisdom oddly far-fetched

Art compensates for life’s imperfections
Mixing eclectic sensibilities moods styles
Dipping brush into wellspring fountainhead
Painting nature in own self-image

Probing ever more deeply unexposed
Recesses mindful confusion reeking havoc
Precarious breathless edgy balance upset World of eccentricity slightly off-kilter





Miracle workers knead rising sun

            Goldfish slice of life parables

                        Flour puffs spanked    wonder bred

                                    Pita pan never-neverland pockets picked


                                    Crusty loaves golden buttery meltdown

                        Breakfast toast cinnamon stardust sprinkled

            Half-baked lies berry jarring preserves Sandwiched rush hour traffic jams






From Asian womb everyday sustenance

            Amah maidservant wet nurse pacified

                        Lips bent on scooped mouthfuls

                                    Delicate shrunken pearl polished gems


                                    Steamy fragrant jasmine aromatic come-on

                        Chili peppers titillating taste buds

            Diffuse translucence nourishing chewy fluff Guarantee of satisfaction belched thanx






Plight of in limbo stateless

            Pledging out of bounds allegiance

                        Homeless refugees abandoned by Fate

                                    Promises unkempt signal fires ignored


                                    Fault line tremors run deep

                        Melting pot tension boiling over

            Aflame with rage frustrated anger

Steamy ethereal options evaporating scald






Wages of weevil compensation unpaid

            Accordion folds squeeze play ghettos

                        Boxed in bottom falls out

                                    Rat infested hoods uncollected garbage


                                    Unexcused absence of malice victims

                        Declared youthful innocence pardon exonerated

            Pre-sentenced guilt unable to cope

Illusions work better than truth






Connect the dots pointillist seascape

            Stippled tide etching rocky strand

                        Purple flecks uncultivated prickly wildflowers

                                    Thistle butterfly freakish painted lady



                                    Towering sentinel fronds tickling fancy

                        Pinnate see-through fringe seductive striptease

            Branchless trunk crowning glory adorned Palm lined ruts foretelling resurrection



Burnt toast sprinkled with cinnamon

            Refined molasses passing for maple

                        Syrup sap bubbling brown sugar

                                    Dark crystal gazer quartz divination



                                    Already dead corpses reliving daydreams

                        Paradisiacal spareribs evermore once removed

            Stingrays tanning leathery naked truths Whip-like tail inflicting painful pleasure



Rotated kaleidoscope mirroring shattered glass

            Constantly changing colored bits designs

                        Wading shallows drop-off undercurrent tow

                                    Shiny sharkskin bony skeletons afloat



                                    Humpback to Sun bent spine

                        Crouched fetal position sea legs

            Tucked under over entwined hemp

Dropped anchor rope frayed endlessnesssssss


 <click to enlarge>              





Bonfire poking raked memory embers

            Dousing crestfallen waves of discontent

                        Flames licking chops nudging coals

                                    Smoldering ashes petrified driftwood sparks



                                    Smugly uptight mussels blue-black riffraff

                        Shucking hinge jawed happy-go-lucky clams

            Coupled pearly shells nacre veneer

Wrinkled conscience rough edges smoothed



Featherbed oysters secreting gritty androgyny

            Whimsically changing sex at will

                        3-chambered heart pumping colorless blood

                                    Culture planting artificial wisdom seeds


                                                <click to enlarge>              

                                    Fan-shaped scallops claptrap bivalve percussion

                        Radiating fluted pattern flamenco castanets

            Molluscous accordion pleats breathing gills There’s no tomorrow moment-to-moment existence



Naïve starry night vision illusions

            Annual ritual sacred burial grounds

                        Laid turtle eggs left unattended

                                    Do not disturb trusting nature



                                    Rock-a-by cradle of civilization lullaby

                        Sandman filling bottomless tin pails

            Shaking off twilight sprinkling stardust Calloused barefoot traces swashed away





Aquatic larval stage squiggly tadpole

            Swimming its way to maturity

                        Secreted inky tail gills disappearing

                                    Moments never stop opening out

                                                (   (   (   (   )

            Floating pod scooped out trunk

                        Uneven keel lapping shallows

                                    Timing outreach between rip tides

                                                Toadstool dangling from tapered bow

                                                )   )   )   )   (

                        Perplexing polliwog rear end stem

                                    Detached green hull rudder free                                       <click to enlarge>   

                                                Exposed slender ribs lying outstretched

                                                            Swept wherever by wanderlust drift

                                                (   (   (   (   )

            Baring all discarded foreskin filtering

                        Anguish soul wrapped in cloud

                                    Warm flesh star-eaten quilted blanket

                                                Taking cover in newfound body

                                                )   )   )   )   (

Heaven reaches down sampling horizon

            Ethereal vanishing point never converges

                        Amphibious landing terrestrial breeding ground

                                    Prince Charming quicksand castle erections






Always at home within itself

            Under oval glazed tile roof

                        Protective escutcheon dome lumbering giant

                                    Overgrown pebble massive polished stones


                                    It takes twenty-five years for

                        Males to reach sexual maturity

            Twelve days for food to

Pass through leathery wrinkled bodies


Wide hinged horny toothless jaws

            Thick ribbed close-knit turtleneck sweaters

                        Retractile duck and cover pugilists

                                    Avoid confrontation shell shocked withdrawal


                                    Brackish shadow puppets standstill reflections

                        Slow yet sure unhurried pace

            Hundred plus year old survivors

All too predictable subterranean routine


Primal cause instinct annual return

            Predestined to same spawning ground

                        At appointed propitious eventide hour

                                    Beneath heavenly vault of darkness


                                    Poised like recumbent open umbrellas

                        Eggs dropped into porous sandlot

            Leaving behind brittle dorsal carapace

Vulnerable to looming beachhead threats

  <click to enlarge>               




Frowning nightfall intoxicated stray outsiders

            Grow steadily cantankerous discordant pack

                        Of roving mangy stranded tufts

                                    Uninvited guests crashing pajama party


            Repetitious gurgled loveless mating coos

                        Redshank pigeon-toed grasp turned inward

                                    Curled onto windowsill ledge unnerving

                                                Glaucous eyes draining waxen ears


                        Dissonant off-key loud din stupor

                                    Drowning out perfect pitch nature

                                                Echoes reverberating within mute echoes

                                                            Disturbing drowsy attempts at sleep


                                                            Midst total darkness passing slowly

                                                Each hour indelibly marked older

                                    Swallowed conditional pecking order pellets

                        Caught in parched throat gullet


                                                Scheming inexhaustible ways to prevent

                                    Self-appointed god of chromatic dreams

                        From making his somnambulist rounds

            Sandman’s soporific task mission accomplished


                                    Jalousie wingtips ruffled feather illusions

                        Spread fantails shaken in gloom

            Dusky moonglow horizon turning over

For a few last winks


Claws hammering homeless secret message

            Flaring beak snout beady gaze

                        Lights out narcissistic reflections seconds

                                    Before pane glass insights shatter

 <click to enlarge>               









We started by inhaling together

            Deep throat breathless open-mouth gasps

                        Muffled primal scream maintaining composure

                                    Vague penury encountering stoic silence


                                    Confused mind removes its shoes

                        Bare feet slipping on comfort

            Full quiet capsules chaser swallowed

Inventing lies camouflaged uniform predictions



Lacy Valentine cut-out silhouettes trashed

            Secrets lived out of like

                        Suitcases hastily packed overnight tryst

                                    Lingering indifferent scars never heal


                                    Dying is the easy part

                        Resurrected memories buried face down

            Self-control disciplined against destined face-off Forced to enter paradise alone



Coming unglued grant me patience
Tweezers putting enigmatic jigsaw together
Dovetail inlay cemented in place
Intricate minute detail beyond grasp

Scale model kits exacting precision
Drastically reduced originals downsized copies
Topmast rigged with hairpin trigger
Neat fore-aft shipshape arrangement

Narrow minds like parachute spinnaker
Retard free fall when open
Triangular sail set atop spar
Swinging out racing unrestrained breeze

Small world artifacts meticulously crafted
Collapsible sails stuffed through bottleneck
Bumper to bumper traffic jams
Tight squeeze huggy bear kiss-offs

Faceless unanchored soul ports recalled
Mooring wherever filling nebulous void
Displayed with own shadow intact
Top shelf replica seafarer curio

Snapping turtle powerful hooked jaw
Clamps prehensile lobster claw pincers
Pivoted together working in opposition
Embodying rebellious spirit of resistance

Molten shattered glass blown chances
Life sucks air through tube
Corked message slipping through cracks
Tossed into frothy rip tide



White chalk wiping slate clean
Blackboard erased stardust glitter windswept
Flu season powder puff sniffles
Runny pug noses snotty hanky-panky

Clouds clinging to each other
Uptight hugs squeeze box folds
Polka dot accordion pleat bellows
Paper aircraft landing strip plowed

Crystals sticking to outspread wings
Seedpod flakes seeking absolute perfection
Invisible circles undercover angel traces Sparkly haloes disconnected nimbus radiance

One-way river of no return
Lids pried open eyeballs drowned
Hooked on transparent fish line
Shame dangling vertically resolved horizontally

Grown cold transmigratory souls adrift
Icicle splinters dripping lonely angst
Bladed feet walking on water
Making endless figure 8 grooves

Wind-chill numbness exposing naked truths
Snowfall uplifting jacketed childhood spirit
Soaped sled rudders whizzing downhill
Frosted cakewalk slippery eel pratfalls

Wild beast separated from herd
Trampled grassroots leaving no hoofprints
Entrapped Minotaur inescapable snowbound maze
Rebutting wayward hedged in tameness


Long unvisited musty art gallery
Sense of emptiness stillborn life
Hush-hush powerless silence gathering dust Outside frantic angst blocked out

Time overripe with yellow enthusiasm
Plump ravishing hot stingray sunlight
Too sweet to be sour
Delicate mottled skin sugared through

Stuck in the pronghorn middle
Tense bifurcation between back then
Past imperfect omnipresent obliterative smears Irreversible retrospective mistakes painted over

Vertical cliffs nocturnal plunking waterfall Collected tearful downpour spilling over Reflective pool flirting with moon Winking at patronizing lunatic fringe

Bored security guard yawning catnap
Lap-dancing butt ash smoking itself
Self-portrait saggy chins held up
Shed inhibitions naked truths exposed

Midnight snips hand-carved marionette strings
Collapsing like prunes fallen plums
Diminishing returns ultraviolet brushstrokes horizon Wading into oblivion before drowning

Forgotten elegant masterpieces storage confined Lying in neglectful wait crypts Hoping to someday be rediscovered Meanwhile not holding stagnant breath

Latent dreamscape not yet awakened
Uncertain future sent back unclaimed
Destined for driftwood bonfire regrets
Surreal visionary trance premonitory illusions


Love is a many splintered
Thingamajig makeshift do-it-yourself kit some Assembly required once taken apart Can’t be put back together

Out-of-touch and go doohickey necking
Lusty sliver stuck in whatsis
Teased out by needlepoint prick
Bloated ego deflated whoopee cushion

Black box data flight recorder
Painted glows-in-the-dark bright orange
Cockpit voiceless magnetic tape held
In place by robotic arm

How does erotica grab youknowwhat
Desire simply trying to please
Nothing worth chasing after anymore
Soulful intimacy drowned in moonlight

Stuck drawbridge over troubled waters
Uplifting bugger off crestfallen spirit
Struggling to stay afloat driftwood
Clung onto debobbing rip tide

Enigmatic puzzlement riddled with guilt Unconvincing feeble why not justifications Jumping through smoke ring loopholes Anima tug of war consolation

Tripped up by own shadow
Precariously clinging to outermost edge
Scars left on bruised twilight
Bent horizon soothing aloe massage


Far from home there’s no
Place like familiar refuge reassuring
Knowns wherever they may lie
Staying put vis-à-vis retrogressive backsliding

Taking latitudes transcending both hemispheres Born too early for redemption Saintly overshadowed sinners’ dubious reputations Conveniently slipped into musty pigeonholes

World observed through polarized Raybans Rigorous expedition involving risky hardships Freelance swashbuckler charting unmapped itinerary Catapulted into pure orbital vision

Searching for something not sure
What until I’ve found it
Neither here nor thereabouts unknown
At once going echo returning

Traipsing through dreamscape conceived overnight Redeye flight to wherever cancelled Transmigratory grounded spirit rebooked freebie Nonstop borderless state of oblivion

Quest destination up for grabs
Exploring what ultimately lies within
Refueling untapped anima natural resources Isn’t that all there is

Crawling through ultimate one-way passage Commonplace grave reclaiming checked baggage Once landing no turning back Rest in limbo Peace Odyssey


Where even survivors are doomed
Death not a viable option
Living corpses cast no shadows
Walking through doors slammed shut

Nerves uptight as bivalve oyster
Clenched teeth gritty crooked smile
Grain of sand unlikely pearl
Shucked raggedy edges pried open

Migratory avians nestlings prematurely ousted
Seasoned instinct group tour de force
Windswept follow the leader obeisance
Plucked tail feather spiraling downward

Afraid of flying too close
To moon suffering deliquescent meltdown
Hemmed in repossessed lunatic fringe
Driven batty hovering downside up

Wide-open spaces double-crossing parallel lines
Flattened curve horizon bent straight
Connect the dots dashed hopes
Cloudburst cracks glued back together

V-shaped silhouetted glisten reflected in
Shallow bottomless pool sunken rainbows
Drop by drop recollected memories
Fade away gliding into obscurity

Exiled to restless nomadic existence
Betrayed innocence husking maize kernels
Solo renegade craving boundless freedom
Destined to take alternate route


Possessed spirits speaking in tongues
Unintelligible languages foreign to themselves
Unholy spooky ghosts free-floating non-commitment
Iceberg meltdown tip cut off

Supernatural glossolalia severed head cockamamie
False teeth chattering utter nonsense
Misunderstood heretical believers swallowing pride
Unjustifiable denials stuck in gullet

Prophetess Sibyl Oracle of Delphi
Wine miracle corkers corkscrew twisters
Enigmatic Sphinx posing perplexing conundrum
Insolvable riddle dismaying suitor advances

Bundle of skeletal muscles unnerved
Chewing fat taste buds discombobulated
Moist saliva drooling impertinent sass
Tongue-in-cheek shoes laced with irony

Chameleon prehensile tongues catch prey
Groovy quick change striptease erotica
Every imaginable body part pierced
French kisses Australian down under

Noisy gobbledygook confusion interrupting reconstruction
Tower of Babel downfall undermined
Imperfect pitch pipes disintegrating standards
Dissonant off-key voices forcibly silenced


Born a bastard unexpectedly ill-conceived Latent tolerance yields belated misgivings Nursed on chocolate milk scum Bittersweet utter nonsense turned sour

Blackface white diamond imperfections honed Rough unpolished edges expelling fear Stereotype cast stones hurled insults Misguided missiles gray shades drawn

Where patriotism means hateful alien-nation Abridged downright upright uncivil liberties Xenophobiases distrusting un-American idol worship In Gold Wet Rust devalued corrosion

Below surface skullduggery unearthing fertilizer Disbelieving foreigners can be wiser Than soiled native sons of Superiority complex slivers deeply ingrained

Pretzel logic twisted tongue oration
Pathologists correcting defects impedimental lisps Languages written backwards suffering dyslexia Spelling better than judgmental mispronunciation

Chrysalis emerging comfortable hammock cocoon Wasting semi-precious fleeting butterfly moments Traveling to meet likeminded others Excess baggage packed with suspicion

Hooded crows bleached sheet clan
Bigotry of ignorance chopped down
Timber! unheard in shadowless clearing
Buzz saws stumping evergreen peace






            NO, IT IS.


^     ^     ^     ^     ^

Current safe boundaries were once

     Uncharted frontiers intrepid fearless voyager

          Exploring remote vistas unknown spectrums

               Daredevil venturing alone without maps

                        >     >     >     >     >

               Drawing curtains back on ageless

          Life and lives he never

     Bothered caring enough about to

Touch or be touched by

<     <     <     <     <

Far removed world less distant

     After having moved there been

          Moved by constantly moving rarely

               Standing still getting caught up

                        >     >     >     >     >

               Unaware he was ever lost

          Though admittedly never saying so

     Navigating history not yet recorded

Searching for buried secret trust

<     <     <     <     <

Digging up bygone fragments of

     Eugenic legacy reduced to rubble

          What never really was has

               Been exiled to mere oblivion

                        >     >     >     >     >

               In limbo between rebirth <-> death

          Reprising beginnings with surprise endings

     Unforgiving past exultant revelatory future

Passage to next life booked

^     ^     ^     ^     ^





Flattering fragile id superhuman ego

     Soothing unsatisfied psyche primitive urges

          Indifferent borderline neurotic faking passion

               Blissfully oblivious to painful pleasure

‘   ‘   ‘   ‘   ‘

Secondhand moments all too brief

     Pricelessly spent wondering what if

          Leftover past already caught up

               Currently progressing onward never retreating

;   ;   ;   ;   ;

No turning back vigorous strides

     Stowaway love precariously on hold

          Stranded wanton desire craving lust

               Innocent longing riddled with guilt

.   .   .   .   .

Indulging in quirky nightmarish visions

     Where does sound reason end

          And disorderly utter madness takeover

               Bizarre unconventional wisdom oddly far-fetched

:   :   :   :   :

Unrestrained fantasy or sheer insanity

     Wavy curves separate wildcat imagination

          From ecstatic sensibilities surreal hallucinations

               Wired whimsy underlying outlandish weirdness

?   ?   ?   ?   ?

Probing ever more deeply unexposed

     Recesses mindful confusion reeking havoc

          Edgy balance fruit basket upset

               Warped counterclockwise timelessness slightly cuckoo

!   !   !   !   !







Pure consciousness freedom from thought

Divine inspiration curious awesome wonder

Intuitive awareness overwhelming perceptual senses

The is nothing to understand




Unlocking enigmatic mysteries of existence

Altered frequency state shifting from

Egocentric I to innermost Self

Redirected matter vital energy source




Mindfulness sticks to mouth’s roof

Bespeaking universal all-ness in oneness

Estranged polyglots babbling in tongues

Common bonds reconciling unique individuality




Primal cosmic principles complementary forces

Inseparable unity vis-à-vis duality reversals

Waxing presence in absence waning

Formless nothing changes delicate balance


            VANITY à SANITY


Flash floods of emotion overflow

Repressed deep-set feelings breathing free

Redemptive enlightened vision outwardly expressive

Measured emptiness full of itself


            CONCEIT à EGOTISM


All created beings kindred spirits

Our global family blood brotherhood

Extensively inclusive definition relating to

Everything or everyone without exception


            KNOWLEDGE à WISDOM






Unconscious true anima innermost self

     As opposed to outer persona

          Totality of feminine emotional feelings

               Autonomous complex heirborne male possessed


     Aggregate of maternal lineage aspects

          Manifested in dreams within dreams

               Within dreams unfolded map charting

                    Inward journey destination mindful soul


          Divine passionate lovers Eros & Psyche

               Intimate tale of psychosexual transformation

                    Shattered taboos targeting anxious fears

                         Cupid’s stinging arrows engendering bliss


                         Two mutually rooted cosmic opposites

                    Dark yin overshadowing light yang

               State of movement instilling balance

          Internally latent yet outwardly expressive


                    Presumed emptiness full of itself

               Caught up nested within maze

          Within maze cramped space Matryoshka

     Dolls fit inside one another


               Inseparable unity within diversity sought

          In this world rather than

     The next presence rejoining absence

Atavistic fantasies haunting closet ghosts




^^^^^LOST LUSTER^^^^^


Frothy beach driftage collectables found

^^^^^Deposited along ebb tide strandline

^^^^^^^^^^Jewel box glisten scattered diadems

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Each unique in own way


Gay abandoned sea urchin abodes

^^^^^Deserted wombs full of emptiness

^^^^^^^^^^Held against attuned ear resonating

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Faint breakaway pulse erratic heartbeat


Murmuring untold secrets from afar

^^^^^Echo whispering confided promise trusts

^^^^^^^^^^Glazed nautilus carapace nacre chambers

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Vacant winding spiral staircase evacuees


Black oyster pearl scooped out

^^^^^Carried away fluted scallop harmony

^^^^^^^^^^Accompanied by bivalve mussel castanets

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Break dancing surf’s humdrum drone


Fossiliferous shingle embedding half-buried piscine

^^^^^Seascape riddled with sedimentary boredom

^^^^^^^^^^Fabulist enigmatic true grit mercreatures

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Cerulean wrapped in fetal kelp


Composite dolphin equine salty mini-monster

 ^^^^^Tiny hippocampus saddled bony plates

^^^^^^^^^^Cyan white caps Neptune ridden

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Grasping prehensile comet tail reins


Newfound seashell cache homeward bound

^^^^^Ocean’s muted roar left behind

^^^^^^^^^^Waving goodbye until next time

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Naked footprint traces swashed away