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Erika (email)


Red Wine

Let the cracks burn,
burn your flesh away 
I see the silhouettes
of where footsteps used to stand,
a mask now sits upon you
a painted sort of melancholy,
a song that's out of tune,
once where angels danced
and a heart was light as air
is hidden in the ashes
where time has never spared,
you are not but an image
covered in sweet red wine
tainted by an artist
who fades away in time, 
I can stand here watching
the tapestry wear away
or hold on to this ember,
that seems to far to save
i can see your candle
flicker in the breeze
that used to be your smile
or laugh that seemed to cease
i wish that i could take you
away from all this gray
and fly you to a place so far
there will only be one star
yet here you lay a tapestry
that red wine spilled upon
staining all the innocence
tearing down your song
yet still i'm standing somewhere
i do not know how long
hoping maybe one day 
we will once again belong



Daddy's Little Girl

Don’t you remember
the sparkles and the jewels
remember how you smiled and said
all your thoughts and tears
glitter stars and paper birds
scissors cut the truth
daddy's little girl you said
shed never spread her wings
there she was so close to you
your angel
innocent and young
daddy's little girl you said
pretty girls in pink
rings and colored bracelets
hair so golden brown
remember tiny fingertips
when broccoli made her frown
little powder feet
pattered on the ground
remember when her shoes lit up
shed clap and dance around
just look back on memories
that silly little smile
daddy would always be there
he always held her hand
now what are you going to do
little girls grow up
there she's standing
all alone
dolls and sparkles gone
where are the tiny ballet shoes
the tights she used to wear
daddy's little girl
little princess in a dream
time to wake up darling
the pretty horses fall
time to wake up princess
you cant always be a doll
sitting smooth as porcelain
daddy will catch her if she falls
open your eyes
and look around
the pictures painted clear
your standing on your own now
he finally let you fly
now the hardest part is...you have to say goodbye




shadows turning corners
as moonlight cascades gently
the horizon wavers slightly
through dim reflecting eyes
such a beautiful tragedy
lips that fell softly together
tremble with tears spilling
from crystal eyes of innocence
screams echo unnoticed
silencing a broken heart
winds of love have broken once more
shattering perfection a thousand ways
the hour glass is broken
tipping sideways through eternity
her last breath drawn up inside
unable to escape into reality
so surreal shed never believe
yet the serenity in her surroundings
mitted the harshness of reality
she didn't want to turn away
yet she remained hidden
in her sorrows of first love
her heart cried out
realizing this pain was just the beginning
her blinding tears
fell still upon plae fingertips
shed fallen through empty memories
through his lingering presence
wanting to turn back time
those years she smiled
the times she cried
time would never erase his voice
that cut into her
with words of spoken love
so she screams
still alone in a cruel reality
she's broken




Falling somewhere far
Somewhere in the distance
Behind shades of grey
Eyes closed, searching, wondering, waiting
Disappearing slowly
Away from life's turmoil
Do u want to stay?
Or run?
Fall away silently no one will see
Eyes closed , searching, wondering, waiting
I'm watching but no ones watching me
I listen but your deaf to me
I'm hiding but u see me smile
Eyes closed, searching, wondering, waiting
I see everything u see nothing
Nothing but an image blended with society
Fingers pale, cold, clammy
Clenched tightly
Falling somewhere far
somewhere In the distance
i'm screaming but you'll never know
you'll only see me laugh
one day …ill fall
fall away from you
then you'll cry tears of frustration
but you'll still never know me
swept within the shadows ill lie
motionless, silent, alone
and remain insignificant
Eyes closed, searching, wondering, waiting



Cracked Bells of Solitude

Dim lights shatter the darkness
as empty solitary rooms lay vacant
tranquility rolls eerily through stained glass windows
chilling creaking doors
dust lies motionless through the years
the quavering rays of sun
shake uneasily in the melancholy aisles
rows of tarnished copper finished benches
no longer shine
moth eaten carpets wither away
remembering the respectful footsteps
that passed each sabbath day
the bells no longer sing
their song of touching worship
sitting lonely and grey within their cage
swaying gently to harsh wind storm
only then do they sing
yet they are muffled by the crowds
of those who have forgotten
only solitude listens to them sing
only solitude will stay silent
weather beaten and forgotten
the old cracked bells still sway
a top the dreary church
shabby yet strangely beautiful
centered in a town
disregarding the comfort
the bells of sabbath used to bring
closing the iron doors
for one single breathe
the dust has settled through eternity
as gentle sunrays quaver
through the colorful glass
shining dimly upon the past
and falling short of the future