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Leo Donnelly (email)


I talk to your picture

Stunned and in pain my heart is flooded with rain
My eyes are never dry; all I ever do is cry
I tried to talk to you in vain; you kept inside all of your pain
Don't know if I can carry on but I'll try; you were much too young to die

It seems that your girl took you for a whirl and left you alone and brokenhearted
I know that it hurts when the one you love cheats, lies, and deceives you
Betrayed and downhearted you shot her and yourself and ended what you started
Goodbye would have been so much better it's best to just forget her though you were blue

Now I just talk to your picture on the table and weep. Try as I may, there is no sleep
Much too late, I tell your picture to go through the sorrow and seek a bright new tomorrow
You had so much to live for but you were in too deep, you could have found a new love to keep
My son you were my reason for living, I love you so, I should have taught you to go with the flow