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Ramesh Dohan  (email)


About the Poet:

Ramesh is a poet and a writer hailing from the city Of Vancouver, British Columbia.  His first poem below is a piece on a courtesan.  The second piece is about the silence of a lover.  The third is a creative piece on moving through life.  More of his poetry can also be seen here.



I hardly know
which flower it comes from
this fragrance

La Luna
The moon has withdrawn
behind thin mist
others are welcome
behind her screen
as ardent lovers

Night Sky  

A wild evening
in the distance
over Oregon
the milky way

Ode to Spring
The willow tree
beside the sorrowful stream
will dream, dew drenched
until another spring



Urban Riot


Gathering at bus stops

Challenging synthetics resistance

with steady persistence

An army of drops

changes the streets

into islands and oceans


Soggy shoes grace unhurried feet

Ushered into motion

As rain takes reign

(Thank god i remembered to forget my umbrella)


Hastings Street
Sadness stands on the street corner,
asking for money.
Itís cold
and he has only
one arm.
Our coins are not the sun,
our coins are not kisses.
This is the way
the world
fails itself. 



Courtesan memories

Gieza combs

the water of the long

wave of her black

hair, toes just

edging out

from the pool of

kimono around

her quivering feet




What god knew

to take her speech

She never said

"I loved you"

She always used

her eyes



Taking down the pictures

Moving out of the father`s house

taking down the photos

little holes in the wall

like footsteps

of a beast in the snow

that didn`t get very far