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Mayombwe David (email, myspace)


About the Poet:

Mayombwe is a 28 year-old Ugandan poet/writer based in Kampala, Uganda who has been writing since high school.  He has yet to publish his poetry in book format, but he has published his poems in anthologies.





Just when my thought knocked at your door

You entered into my house.

Love is not a coincidence but more of a happy accident

That happens to those who move around with their loneliness

And are not too proud to show it on their faces.

Like a child with a ghastly wound revels in revealing it

Although painful and stupidly earned. Honor is honor

Among fools as well as kings

Iím not even using metaphors when I mention your entering

My house without knocking just when you were on my mind

Words are not enough to explain your presence on the sofa

Or why I love you so much, beyond even the fear

Of being myself and revealing my bad habits in the wrong season

I want you to know too the side I hide

The one you donít see when you walk in unannounced.






The presence of greatness

Is merely the measure of the beholderís weakness

A patch of grass must appear such a dense forest

Of terrible trees to the simple wandering ant.

We too are giants, seen through the eyes of smaller things

Who is to say God is old

Just because he has been here since the first days

While we, live for only a few years

And thatís how we count timeó in births.

Funerals and weddings

Thatís our anniversaries.






They shyly look at each other from across the table

Like wine in glasses that canít find its bottles,

Embarrassed to be found nude and so eager.

People do that too, hiding behind dark shades

Afraid to bear their souls where they wear their hearts

But still keen though, to look out and see.

Like a bachelor that lives next door to newly weds.


It is the way, the bad habit of voyeurs;

But also the best manner of lovers


These two, the subjects of this poem

Are like wind-tossed elms

That while the storm rages touch and whisper

In each otherís ear with assurance

But when the wind dies know will have to part

And not even thoughts can bridge their distance

But to love each otherís face from across the fence

Doomed to be strangers, even when neighbors






When you first meet grief

It is with shock you realize

Life is fickle and trickles

And not even Love itself

Is enough to keep you safe.

Your heart then turns to stone

And you vow and know

Youíll certainly never laugh again

But the months go by and you do.


When someone you love dies

First you doubt and debate the purpose of life

And all you wanna do is die

But then time goes by and your realize

Whatever itís hollow meaning

Life is worth a try, and you live again.


Time goes by and you forget what you felt

And just when you are least prepared for it,

Just when death is your least care of thoughts

Someone else close dies again

And it is the same old pain allover again

But you are older

And know you too wonít live much longer.

Now where once was grief, is relief:

On the other side wait all you loved

As say all religions.

You are the only one left and death

Has long lost the threat of its menacing tooth

And appears, but as the door unto the gates

Of heaven where await happy reunions.