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Lisa M. Cronkhite (email)


About the Poet:

Lisa M. Cronkhite, married with two children, suffers from Bipolar disorder and writes to cope with her illness.  She has published work on www.paintedperfectly.com in the name "Lee" with two poems, one called "The Mirrored Effect" and the second "And Open A Window", and on www.lostbeatpoetry.blogspot.com with the poem called "Read Black and White" in the May issue and will have published work in the July issue on www.combatmagazine.ws  with a poem called " The Burning Eye".



A Bright Idea


A blank canvas I stare

White as white can be

Seeing different types of white

To see…in this portal of

Brilliant beginnings


Grayish hew tints

Into ashen green fluff

Clearing the lush pastures

Implore the yellowish amber waves

Of burnt oranges and deep fire reds

And above domes a dusky

Midnight shadow of witching hour

Mixing continuously with

Sharp needlepoint markings

Of pearl beads piercing through

The heavens spiral down bits

Of sheltered land

Excavating Earthly grounds

Of altered browns

Crawling onward to lustful orchards

Of passionate purples and fresh pinks

Intoxicating forbidden juices allures

You to follow the outlawed path

Of such deceptive pigments

Painfully yet amusingly delightful

Sinful sensations of creative color

Glowing on this yet to be painted


White as white can be