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Melanie Browne (email, blog)


About the Poet:

Melanie's poetry can be found in Pocket Change(Vol1),Mad Swirl ,Heroin Love Songs (Vol 2) and Poetry Superhighway. She has a poem forthcoming in  Eviscerator Heaven,Clockwise Cat,Word Riot, and The Commonline project . She is a native Texan and lives in Houston.



why i canít be a poet & i donít have a cat

I'm not
sure if I can be
a poet
I don't have a cat
if I did,
I'm still not sure I
could be a poet
because I'd probably
be spending all my time
dressing it up as a baby
wrapped in a towel
or swinging a
glowstick around
in the dark
just to mess with
it's MIND
or some shit like that
& that's also
why I don't have
a cat



hedge animals

Your hedge animals are
Getting too close
To my hedge animals
My hedge animals are
Starting to feel
My hedge animals
Are starting to feel
A growing sense
of horror
 the  horror is
Slow to build
And smells like tannis root
My hedge animal's
horror isn't
that serious though
Not prison time serious
Not have to leave
the country serious
My hedge animals
are starting to sing starting to
Hum covering  their  ears
like that kid in sixth sense
my hedge animals
Have the heebie-jeebies
 and need some personal space
Your hedge animals are
Getting too close
To my hedge animals


Death and ceramics

I took a ceramics
Class with death
Some people called him
The Grim reaper
Or angel of death
He was really good at ceramics
He could throw a pot really well
But his favorite thing to do
Raku technique
He said it was because he
Really liked fire-
He thought he might be a
He wrote a lot of poems about fire in his
Listened to Def Leppard
But he wouldn't let me see
Death had a facial paralysis-
a palsy
He said it happened when he was
Something tragic
On a seesaw
A crack in the pavement
Some kid went down
And death went
To the emergency room
And got stitches
He was really nice-death was
He made me a teapot
He didn't even stay to take the final exam
Said ceramics just wasn't his thing
Said he couldn't afford a kiln

Letís play hangman using questionable body parts (poem)


Let's play hangman using

black- light  markers

I bought from Spencers


Let's play hangman using


body parts


We can blast James brown 

 and drink beer

Out of brown paper bags


We can  rage against

 the machine

Or  the Kennedys


I will probably get hungry

And request some nachos

Through the late-night

drive through


losing track of time

And letter space


Playing  hangman using

black- light  markers

I bought from Spencers



When you get desperate


When you get desperate enough

To type "magic 8 ball" in

The google search engine



you & i


we'll have connected

on a