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Jarvis Black (email, website)


About the Poet:

Jarvis Black is a writer, artist, and musician currently living in Texas. He is the author of two collections of poetry, 5,000 Miles From Anywhere Recognizable, and Broken By A Promise, Poisoned By A Kiss.



Foot-Claw Bathtub

itís phone call love;
 leashed to a few words,
  letters, and dreams.
every other day
 some new word,
 some new discouragement,
and i find myself
 asking myself
 why i do this
  to myself.
No closer.
No wiser.



Beautiful Judas

in her photographs
sheís all smiles and laughs,
all hero-gesture and happiness.
in my mirror
 iíve got the ghost eyes,
 sunken cheeks and five day beard
 without a grin to spare.
bone dry like wide deserts,
thereís a symphony of faults
 playing off in the distance.
so just humor me :
 this love
 isnít much more than slavery.


Market This, Bitches

she calls herself alabaster.
screams it like sun fire.
the moans of her pleasure
are little angel songs.
Godís on a tight-rope
 net-less and brave
while blind folded Jesus
 is shot dead in Peru.
sheís got the capitalist heart
  for a communist boy
and the holy trinity
 is betting on rain.