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Nicole Alexander (email, website)


Wired Wife

My mountainous



With narrow

channels in his


snores nightly with

loud jerky


My ears need


My mind needs


Again he rips

the devilish



that threatens to

drive me



I start to fall


He has another


I jump

nearly falling

off the bed

and groan

I rather live with a

grizzly bear

At least he would

eat me

and put me out of

my misery

I take my pillow

Tiptoe down the hall

Why I am tiptoeing?

He won't wake

I lay down in

my second bed

I close my eyes

and listen to the



from the factory

down the




Our Simple Love

We ask of each other

only that we be ourself

This way we can give

more to the other...

No demands - No burdens

sharing joys and sorrows

as they come

Allowing us to give freely

what we have inside...

I am I and You are You

we would have it

no other way...



The Beckoning

Departed child beckons

Beginning the endless

Yearning cycle

Pleasures of music

Without chords

Flat with no meaning

Harmony can not reach

Parents crying out

To a sea of void



Heart Music

I look at you and my heart

beats to the sound of your drum

You are like music to me

Each glance creates its own notes

Like music, you lift me up

and I dance to our love

You look at me

No words are needed

The music of your love

sings its way into my heart

We don't move, but we dance together

Both of us are wrapped in the warmth

of the music

The music carries us into ecstasy

making notes and new songs

Our hearts and souls are blended forever

And the music carries on...



Desertion On The Saddest Day Of My Life

You said you would always be there

You were until now

But on the saddest day of my life

You are not there for me

You always held me and kissed away my tears

But my tears are flowing now

My heart can not take this pain

You said that no matter what

You would be my strength and my life

Now I want to die since you left me

My strength and my life are gone

What about our son?

You promised to help me raise him

Damn you! I need you now

The six men are lowering you into the ground

Why! Oh why!

Why did you desert me

On the saddest day of my life?



The Silence

the dark night croaks

crickets rub in a symphony mixed

with barks at cat fight's screech

teenager's revving engines

and siblings laughter

carry in the breeze

to adults on front porches

chatting up today's events

their chatter blends in

with a neighbor's call

to their children whose

jump rope swishes

to the bounce of a ball

a man turns to his wife

and says, " hon, listen

to the silence" as

the frog croaks louder

and competes with it all



Our Walk Through The Woods

it was only yesterday...

walking through the humid

southern woods as a child

with daddy crossing

the spring with cool

fresh water for our parched

throats, where we picked

water cress for supper

I would jump over fallen

logs in our path and dodge

twigs from branches

flying back to hit me

running to keep up with

daddy and his long legs

a snake would slither

across the path as

daddy would grab me

keeping me from harm

him showing me wild

flowers and naming the

birds making sounds

of the whip-poor-will or

bob white while I would imitate

and we would pick wild

flowers to take home to

mother that she would put

in a mason jar and place on

our table as the center piece

from our walk in the woods



No Choice

holding the bars peaking

through the space in between

his eyes shift across the way

he turns and paces back

and forth in his small tomb

the urinal in the corner

stinky and stained

yellow like his teeth from


crazed eyes stare at him

as an inmate walks by

breathing becomes rapid

his pulse raises

adrenaline putting him in

fight or flight mode

he looks around

no where to go...

time to fight



Lake Peace

nerves taut with stress

situation beyond her control

she sits at the lake

where she comes for relief

and lets the slight breeze

cool her red face

quaken aspen and pines

hanging over the bank

ripples soothing her as

she listens to the sound

of the crows along with

robins and orioles

she begins to relax

a monarch butterfly lands

on a cat tail that bends

slightly like its dancing

and she begins to sway

up above the goshawks soar

on the wind's currents

the blue lake clearing

her mind and the smell

of earth mixed with sagebrush

bass and bluegills

bring her senses to life

she reaches out to touch

the elusive butterfly as her

spirit flies away with it



Light Show

Lights beyond the clouds

Striking the far moon

All looking Northern

To touch a piece of heaven

Tingling nerves await

The show begins