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George Anderson (email) Thirroul, Australia


About the Poet:

George Anderson has published in over a 100 magazines since 2002. His chapbook 'Dancing On Thin Ice' (2008) is available through erbacce-press (UK).  Check out his new blog BOLD MONKEY: http://georgedanderson.blogspot.com


January, 2009


The Devil Long Caged 

for hyde 

Take me into the darkness

to a place far flung

from this city of appearances

away from this festering boil of hypocrisy. 

Take me into the darkness

where I can gleefully gulp fresh air

where I can run amok

with a head full of reckless thoughts

where past bonds are severed clean

where my pulse can leap walls

where my outrage can be satisfied

in sweet & incredibly wicked ways. 

Take me into the darkness with you

watch me gorge unbridled on the innocent

watch me lash out sneering as I inflict pain

watch me gloat in bold contempt

my secret lusts gratified beyond measure. 


Let me return to you through the fog

the blood on my hot face drying

let me return to our stale bed

and listen to me mash my teeth

as I dream of  new found sensations-

of rekindled ecstasies

of a respectable merchant banker

thrown headlong into a sea of liberty. 


I think of the exact moment

The instant you reached the crest of the mountain

The split second of awe

Of great personal pride 

I think of you studying the forest in the valley

I think of how you suddenly slipped

How you must have forgotten where you were standing

How you tumbled down the steep rock ledge 

I think of how your body came to rest

Your head gouged open your limbs limp

How your life oozed out of you

On the threshold of your dream. 

Breakfast Sepulcher 

The ghoulish bell sounds

to natureís frenzied toil.

The plate ghost-like is delivered

radiating hate, the slaughtered

remnants of hormone pumped brood.

Red crumpled coffin slits of sledge-

hammered oink nightmare. Two

poached eggs staring obliquely in

their mucousy post-embryonic state.

The incredible stretching power of

the henís vagina another miraculous

sign of godís intelligent design.